Boxing Buddy is the robotic sparring partner you need

Can be installed on a tree

The Boxing Buddy is an innovative sparring partner designed to elevate your defense moves and fighting skills to new heights. This unique system boasts two padded robotic arms that can be attached to a third-party punching bag, a tree, a training mannequin, or other sturdy vertical objects. Its adjustable height accommodates users of all sizes and, when set at a lower height, can simulate kicks, addressing the limitations of traditional punching bags that don't punch or kick back.

With Boxing Buddy, you'll experience a dynamic range of agility, speed, coordination, and mobility across various rates and difficulty levels. Choose from three distinct training modes tailored to refine your skills. Engage in the Random Sparring Mode for a realistic simulation featuring an array of punches, speeds, and frequencies. Alternatively, the Custom Mode offers a personalized experience, allowing you to select specific punches, speeds, and frequencies to target areas needing improvement. The Coach Mode lets your coach remotely control the action, helping you focus on perfecting your skills.

Designed to adapt to your needs, the robotic sparring partner offers four different difficulty levels, ensuring a challenging and captivating sparring experience. The lightweight design and adjustable foam arms guarantee effortless portability and setup, empowering you to train anywhere.

Maximize your training sessions with Boxing Buddy's state-of-the-art smart app, which connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. This intuitive app grants you control over arm movements, progress tracking, and real-time feedback, ensuring every workout is optimized to its full potential.

Crafted from high-quality materials, the device is both durable and built to endure. The foam arms are engineered for safe and comfortable striking, significantly reducing the risk of injury. The device's design enables seamless assembly, disassembly, and storage, making it an essential asset in various training settings.

Incorporating Boxing Buddy into your training regimen will yield significant improvements in agility, footwork, hand-eye coordination, cardiovascular fitness, and strength. This versatile and cost-effective solution caters to individuals seeking a highly efficient and personalized boxing workout experience. Check out the Stryk RXT-1 for something similar.

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