STRYK RXT-1 Striking robot is your new sparring partner

World's first sparring robot

The STRYK RXT-1 is a striking robot for practicing striking techniques and defending and countering against strikes. It features four padded arms, two of which simulate left and right straights or jabs and the other two to simulate hooks. It also comes with spring-held leather head and torso targets.

The robot features 3 training modes with adjustable speed and intensity levels to suit all skill levels. In Practice mode, you can drill specific defences from single straights or hooks and come up with your own counter punches or kicks.

In Sparring mode the robot throws random strikes at you with unpredictable speeds, timing, and combinations to train your defensive reactions and timing.

Combination mode allows you to program the robot to do specific combinations so you can practice defending against them.

The RXT-1 striking robot is designed to simulate a live opponent for martial artists to train with. In some ways, it's better than a human sparring partner because it doesn't get tired and you can use it whenever you want.

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