ASYNC A1 Ebike goes the extra mile

Up to 100-mile range

The Async A1 e-bike is a high-performance electric bicycle that offers an ultra-long range, allowing you to explore and commute without worrying about recharging. It features two different battery options: the A1 PRO, which has a battery capacity of 1920 WH (48V/40AH) and provides a range of 80-150 miles, and the A1 STANDARD, with a battery capacity of 960 WH (48V/20AH) and a range of 40-75 miles. Both batteries are removable for easy charging.

An expansion kit is available for purchase, which allows fast charging and provides a portable power station that can supply electricity to various electronic devices and home appliances. The A1 e-bike is equipped with a powerful motor that delivers impressive power, torque, and range, with a top speed of 35 mph and the ability to climb and accelerate quickly.

The bike's inverted fork suspension provides responsive handling and adjustable compression and rebound damping, while the four-piston braking system ensures maximum control and durability. The monoshock within the integrated frame absorbs road vibrations effectively, increasing riding stability and comfort. The A1 also features a low-maintenance belt drive, fat tires for increased traction and stability, and IPX7 waterproof components.

The ASYNC App enhances your riding experience by providing real-time vehicle data, a digital key, route planning and navigation, and a “Find my bike” feature. The full-color IPS display digital dashboard can be easily synced with your phone to display detailed navigation information.

Designed with a sleek, streamlined appearance inspired by outer space, the A1 e-bike has a fully integrated frame that redefines traditional e-bike design, reduces maintenance requirements, and enhances durability. The ergonomic triangle design, 1.8-inch thick saddle, 300 lumen LED headlights, and powerful front and rear DRL lights provide a comfortable and safe riding experience. Additionally, the minimalist frame allows for various customizations to make your bike truly unique.

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