Sparbar – Punch and Evade Training System

Train your punching speed and accuracy while also honing your defensive skills like parrying, ducking, and backing up with the Sparbar. It develops hand eye coordination, footwork, reaction time, balance, speed, stamina, and accuracy.

With the Sparbar, you punch the padded arm and as it turns towards you from the opposite side, you either try to evade it or punch it again to go the other direction. Repeat, add movement, do some variations, and after a few minutes you have a good workout.

There are four versions of the Sparbar at the time of writing. The Sparbar Pro is a self standing system with a padded swiveling arm and a head target. The Sparbar Coach is like the Sparbar Pro but without the head target included but can be added later. The Sparbar Home edition is a wall mounted system that folds flat and the Sparbar Gym can be bolted down to the floor.

Boxing with the sparbar
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