Isogrid Aluminum Skateboard is World’s first

World's first aerospace isogrid skateboard

The Isogrid Aluminum skateboard is a unique and innovative approach to skateboarding, which is designed to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The main challenge with creating an aluminum skateboard is to match the weight of a wooden one, which was achieved through the use of aerospace-inspired isogrid pockets. The process involves measuring and designing the board using CAD software, which includes concave surfaces, transition surfaces, and pockets for weight reduction. The design is then loaded into CAM software to create tool paths for CNC mills to cut and shape the aluminum board. The final step involves bolting the board to the table and using a ball end mill to finish the concave surface and cut the board free from the remaining stock.

The result is a skateboard that looks and feels like a traditional wooden one, but with the added benefit of being more rigid and durable. The Isogrid design ensures that the board maintains its structural strength while reducing weight, making it a popular choice for skaters who want to push the limits of their tricks. The CNC milling process also allows for custom engravings and design elements, making each board a unique work of art.

Overall, the Isogrid Aluminum skateboard is a testament to the power of innovation and engineering. By combining traditional skateboarding design with cutting-edge technology, this board is a true game-changer in the world of skating.

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