IPunch – Measure the Power of Your Punch

Punching Power Quantified

You know you're a strong puncher but do you how strong exactly? The IPunch will confirm your awesome (or not) punching power, thanks to the sensors embedded in the gloves.

There are actually two kinds of sensors in each glove: one is an impact sensor, which measures power, and the other is a motion sensor that measures speed. This kind of feedback makes it easier to improve your punching effectiveness.

It also makes practice more like playing a game without the fancy equipment that cost thousands of dollars.

Guitar Legato Hammer-ons finger tap...
Guitar Legato Hammer-ons finger tapping exercise #Shorts


  • Measures punching power
  • Helps improve punching power


  • Failed Indiegogo Project
  • The product disappeared from the internet

IPunch removed from Indiegogo


I'm not sure what happened to the IPunch but I assume it didn't get enough funding and the founders simply ran away removing all evidence of its existence that it could.

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