REP’s Flagship 20KG Colorado Bar: The Pinnacle of Powerlifting and Cross-Training Versatility

Versatile, durable, sophisticated weightlifting barbell

Ah, the Colorado, a name that conjures up images of soaring peaks and open plains. The barbell from REP that bears its name is every bit as versatile and resilient as the state it was conceived in. And while I've always had a penchant for the unexpected, the surprising attention to detail in this barbell is a treat.

There's a feeling of grit and grind in this bar. With its steel construction and options of either hard chrome or Cerakote finishes, the 20kg Colorado Bar is as reliable as it is rugged. It doesn't just hold up against time and use; it revels in it. Both finishes offer excellent corrosion resistance, but the hard chrome variant gives an elevated aesthetic edge, similar to a touch of class in a rustic, rough and tumble world.

A good barbell should be an extension of one's self, and the medium-depth, volcano-style knurling on the Colorado Bar complements this philosophy perfectly. It provides a solid grip that becomes an instinctive part of your high-intensity sessions without chewing up your hands. This bar won't give up on you, even when the sweat starts to pour and the reps pile up.

Dual knurl markings (IPF and IWF) provide you the guide you need for your hand placements, irrespective of the lift you're setting up for. In essence, this barbell bridges the gap between powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting, with a dash of cross-training thrown into the mix. In other words, it's an all-purpose charmer, this one.

The 28.5mm diameter shaft and smooth sleeves, coated in Duracoat for added corrosion resistance, make weight loading and unloading an effortless affair. Now, I'm not one for noise, and the composite bushings here provide a remarkable dampening effect, making your drops less of a ruckus and more of a hushed statement of your prowess.

On a final note, the laser etchings on the inner sleeves and the intricate design on the metal end caps are delightful touches of distinction that remind me of little unexpected treasures found on my journeys. These details pay tribute to its roots, a nod to the place of its birth – Colorado.

The Colorado Bar is more than just a piece of gym equipment; it's a representation of a unique blend of resilience, adaptability, and attention to detail. It's as fitting for the powerlifting purist as it is for the cross-training adventurer. So, whether you're pushing new boundaries or embracing the burn of a high-rep workout, this barbell is a silent, steadfast companion that brings a sense of wild Colorado spirit to each lift. Remember, it's not about the destination; it's about the journey. And this bar promises a good one.


  1. Versatility: This all-purpose barbell caters to a variety of training styles – from powerlifting to Olympic weightlifting and cross-training.
  2. Durability: With its steel construction and the option of Cerakote or hard chrome finishes, the Colorado Bar provides high resistance against corrosion and wear.
  3. User-Friendly Design: The medium-depth, volcano-style knurling ensures a firm grip without damaging your hands during high-rep workouts.
  4. Smooth Operation: The 28.5mm diameter shaft and smooth Duracoat sleeves make loading and unloading of weights an effortless task.
  5. Noise Reduction: Composite bushings provide a dampening effect, minimizing noise when the barbell is dropped.
  6. Detailed Markings: Dual knurl markings (IPF and IWF) assist in accurate hand placement for different lifting styles.
  7. Premium Details: High-end touches, like laser etchings on the inner sleeves and uniquely designed metal endcaps, add a touch of elegance to the barbell.


  1. Price: With a tag of $319.99, the Colorado Bar is a significant investment, which may be a deterrent for some fitness enthusiasts.
  2. Lack of Center Knurl: The absence of a center knurl might affect grip during certain lifts, particularly for professional lifters.
  3. Limited Whip: A medium whip might not satisfy the needs of some Olympic lifters who prefer a higher degree of flexibility.
  4. Weight Limit: While the 1,500lbs static rating is more than enough for most lifters, those lifting at an elite level may need a bar with a higher weight capacity.
  5. Size: With an overall length of 86.6″ and sleeve length of 16.1″, this barbell may require a larger space for storage and use.


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