Embrace Unrivaled Power with Pro Kennex Black Ace PRO’s Kinetic System

Precision and control reimagined masterfully

There's a certain elegance found in the realm of the precise and controlled – an allure, as it were, that promises the intoxicating brew of power encased in finesse. For those who dance on the tennis court with an artist's flair, orchestrating an intricate ballet of force and poise, the Pro Kennex Black Ace PRO emerges as the conductor's baton, channeling their every motion into a symphony of seamless control and exacting precision.

Consider its makeup – a slender beam, a trim head size, all integrated with FlexLogic. It's as if the engineers at Ace Station have been reading your diary, creating a racket tailored for those who weave their spell not with brute force, but with surgical precision. The result? A tool of the trade that responds to your command, making the court your canvas, and every stroke a masterstroke.

Every nuance of the Black Ace Pro screams ‘control'. It weighs in at a comfortable 305 grams and boasts a balance point at 320mm, providing a delightful equilibrium of weight and distribution that sits oh-so-perfectly in the hands of the deft. Even the swing weight of 295 is tweaked just so, ensuring you have the power to drive your swings, yet not so much that it overshadows your nuanced control.

Now, let's talk about the Kinetic System. Those unassuming capsules inside the frame? They house kinetic microspheres that turn your every swing into a force of nature. They absorb the kinetic energy of your movement, then unleash it upon contact with the ball. The result? Your arm weathers less fatigue, and you stay protected from injury, no matter the intensity of your practice.

The Black Ace Pro is also a visual and tactile joy, crafted from Spiraltech graphite, the evolved child of conventional graphite. This unique blend of Spiral Tech graphite layers and high modulus graphite imparts the racket with an elite performance capability that sets it apart from its peers. The stringbed, at a snug 97 in², cradles the ball like a loving embrace, while the 19.5mm frame profile delivers a balance of rigidity and flexibility that makes every hit feel like a work of art.

In short, the Pro Kennex Black Ace Pro isn't just a racket. It's a maestro's wand, a surgeon's scalpel, an artist's brush. It's an invitation to those who believe in the power of precision and control, to step onto the court and transform every game into a performance that leaves spectators in awe.


  1. Precision and Control: The combination of a thinner beam and smaller head size offers superior control and precision, ideal for skilled players who value finesse over brute force.
  2. FlexLogic Technology: The proprietary FlexLogic enhances the flexibility and adaptability of the racket, providing players with a more responsive tool that suits their unique style and technique.
  3. Kinetic System: This innovative system uses kinetic energy to aid in ball impact, reducing arm fatigue and protecting against injury, which can be a game-changer for players who engage in heavy practice sessions.
  4. Lightweight and Balanced: With a weight of 305 grams and a balance point of 320mm, the racket offers a balance between lightness for swift swings and enough weight for impactful hits.
  5. High-Quality Materials: Crafted from Spiraltech graphite, the racket promises durability and improved performance. The blend of Spiral Tech graphite layers and high modulus graphite enhances the racket's performance on the court.


  1. Not for Power Players: Given its focus on control and precision, it might not be the ideal choice for players who primarily rely on power in their gameplay.
  2. Smaller Stringbed: The 97 in² stringbed may be smaller than what some players are accustomed to, potentially affecting the sweet spot and margin for error in ball striking.
  3. Rigidity: With a rigidity measure of 60 RA, the racket may feel too stiff for players who prefer a more flexible frame for better ball absorption and comfort.
  4. Price Point: High-end materials and technologies might put the Black Ace Pro at a higher price point, potentially making it less accessible for some players.
  5. Complex Technology: The Kinetic System, while beneficial, may take some getting used to, especially for players transitioning from traditional rackets.
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