Rogue Fitness Abmat Barbell Bomb landmine attachment

Better than using tennis balls

The Abmat Barbell Bomb is a padded, lightbulb-shaped sleeve that can be attached to a barbell creating an anchor and pivot point, allowing you to do landmine exercises. You can achieve the same by attaching a cut up tennis ball to the end of a barbell and then using a wall to keep it from sliding. But when using the Barbell Bomb, there is no need for a wall to prevent sliding.

This simple and lightweight landmine attachment is made of high-density foam that is extremely durable and slip-resistant. It has a length of 7″ and weighs only 4 oz so it's easy to take to the gym.

Using the Abmat Barbell Bomb, you can perform exercises like Russian twists, landmines, and rotational lunges. It can also be used for traditional exercises like squats and deadlifts, adding an extra element of instability and core engagement to these movements. Use it together with the Omega for even more hardcore workout options.

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