East Mount Twister Arm Exerciser uses hydraulics instead of springs

Safer than spring twisters

The East Mount Twister Arm Exerciser is designed to help strengthen and tone the muscles in the arms, chest, and shoulders. It's like the old spring loaded power twister of old but instead of using springs, it uses hydraulics to create resistance. As a result, there's no negative resistance like in spring-loaded bars. There's resistance when push the handles together but there's no push-back. It does spring back to the initial position but it does not spring back violently with the same amount of force as the chosen resistance, making it safe to use.

The hydraulic twister has a resistance that can be adjusted between 22-440 lbs by rotating the knob in the centre. The arms are made of double-layer steel tube for durability and an ergonomic PU soft rubber handle feels comfortable and secure.

This device is not unique to the East Mount brand though. There are other brands with exactly the same device and we're not sure which one is the knock-off. It could be this one or it could be the others.

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