Grip Freak Fat Grip hanging Wrist roller focuses on your forearm muscles

Takes away shoulder involvement

The Grip Freak is a wrist roller by LPG Muscle designed to focus on your forearm muscles and avoid any involvement from your shoulders.

It features a cable on top of the unit for hanging, taking away the need to support the weight with your shoulders. The 2″ fat grips make it harder to hold and target the smaller muscles in your forearms that are often neglected.

The Grip Freak also comes with a plate holder or dumbbell hook for attaching plates or dumbbells. You can have both plate holder and dumbbell hook at an extra cost.

There's also a version of the Grip Freak with Slip Grip instead of the Fat Grips. The Slip Grip requires a constant grip, which can improve your grip endurance.

You can also get one that comes with rack arm for attaching to power racks with 1-1/4″ holes. If you don't have a power rack, an arm-rack-free version can be found here.

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