REP Fitness Slam Balls V2: Unleash Your Inner Beast

Versatile, durable, grip-friendly fitness balls

From the shimmering peaks of the Rockies to the concrete jungles of the urban sprawl, there's one universal truth that prevails – there's nothing quite as satisfying as the raw, explosive power of slamming a weighted ball against the hard floor, feeling the shockwave echo through your muscles, and proving to the world that you are stronger than gravity itself.

Picture this – a beast of a tool, the Rep Fitness Slam Ball V2. With a price tag that could make even the tightest of wallets smile, just under 25 bucks, it promises to kick your workout up a notch. Forget about those easy-going gym sessions where the hardest thing you do is figuring out how to operate the protein shake blender.

These balls are made with a sense of endurance that could put the hardiest of mountaineers to shame. Double-thick shell? Check. Reinforced air valve? Check. Able to withstand being thrown against the floor in a fit of rage, disappointment, or perhaps just pure joy, thousands of times? You betcha.

With a touchable, grippy shell that’s as inviting as a rugged mountain path, you won't be dropping this ball anytime soon – at least not accidentally. And if that isn't enough, they are loaded with sand for a soft, shifting feel that makes each workout an adventure, much like navigating the sand dunes of a wild desert.

They come in a spectrum of sizes, right from the nifty 5lbs to a daunting 70lbs, and with diameters to match. Whether you're an athletic dynamo, a spunky kid, or a tentative newbie just dipping your toes in the fitness pool, there's a slam ball waiting for you.

The second edition of these bad boys is like a sequel that actually delivers. They've taken something good, and turned it into something extraordinary. They're 50% thicker and more resistant to the inevitable rough and tumble of high-intensity workouts. It’s as if they’re defying you to push harder, go further.

Built in Denver, the mile-high city itself, they bear the mark of quality and resilience that REP Fitness is known for. To sweeten the deal, they also come with a one-year warranty for home use and six months for commercial use, providing you the comfort of knowing that your investment is protected.

These slam balls are not just about raw power. They're a full body workout – testing your grip, challenging your core, and strengthening your posterior chain and arms. Think of it as a gym-in-a-ball, offering cardio with the lighter variants and strength training with the heavier ones. And let's not forget the catharsis – after a long day, there's nothing quite like the therapeutic power of a good, hard slam.

Now, let's talk size. Women generally fall into the 10lb to 25lb range, men usually hover around the 20lb to 40lb mark, but remember – these are not rules, only guideposts. You are the architect of your own journey, and the power to decide how heavy you want to go lies with you.

Remember, these are more than just balls. They're vessels for strength and conditioning. They're resilient, gritty, and built to take a beating. This is not your average medicine ball that sulks at the sight of the floor. This is a tool for the brave, the determined, the passionate. This is a tool for those who dare to slam.

So, the question is – are you ready to slam?


  1. Versatile and Full-Body Workout: The Rep Fitness Slam Balls V2 are perfect for full-body workouts, engaging the core, arms, and posterior chain. Whether it's for strength or cardio, these balls can do it all.
  2. Range of Sizes: Available in 12 different sizes, from 5lbs to 70lbs, they cater to a wide array of fitness levels and goals. This versatility ensures you can always find a ball that meets your needs.
  3. Durability: Designed with a double-thick shell and a reinforced air valve, they are made to last. The balls can be slammed repeatedly without the fear of them breaking, ensuring they stand the test of time.
  4. Grip: The texture of the shell ensures a secure grip even during intense workouts, reducing the risk of accidental drops or injuries.
  5. Stress Relief: Along with being an excellent fitness tool, slam balls can also serve as a great stress reliever. There's something therapeutic about giving a good, hard slam after a long day.
  6. Warranty: These balls come with a full one-year warranty for home use and a six-month warranty for commercial use, which provides reassurance of their quality and durability.


  1. Size-Weight Proportion: The diameters of the balls vary with their weight, so as you progress to heavier weights, you may find the increased size more challenging to handle.
  2. Limited to Slam Exercises: While versatile in terms of the muscle groups they work, these balls are primarily designed for slam exercises. If your workout routine requires bouncing or throwing against walls, a traditional medicine ball might be a better choice.
  3. Price Variance: Though the starting price point is reasonable, as the weights increase, so does the cost. This could make higher weights less accessible for some people.
  4. Warranty Limitations: The warranty period is shorter for commercial use, which could be a drawback for gym owners or trainers who plan to use the balls in a professional setting.


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