On Cloudboom Echo 3: The Super Shoe Redefining Race-Day Running

Sustainable. Speedy. Lightweight. Comfortable. Innovative

Ahh, the rush of the city beneath your feet, the hum of the crowd fading into the background as your heartbeats sync up with the rhythm of your strides. It's in moments like these, your lungs burning with the sweet taste of effort, that you discover the true essence of yourself. And this, my dear friends, is why we run.

Enter the On Cloudboom Echo 3. No, it's not an elite mercenary team from a spy thriller. It's a marvel of human engineering, a product designed to push your boundaries and carry you across the finish line. This latest brainchild from the Swiss label “On” is, well, frankly, more like a rocket ship for your feet.

Unveiled to the public in this year's Boston Marathon, the “fastest” sneaker yet has been built to smash personal bests and lead legions to victory. The secret sauce? The Helion HF hyperfoam technology, a wonder born from castor beans, comprising a generous 46% of bio-based materials and is fully recyclable. Sustainable and super – now there's a combo.

This novel technology is paired with a full Carbon Speedboard, spoon-like in its design, intended to spring you forward like you've got rockets in your soles. The integration doesn't stop there. A high-tech upper, expertly crafted from a single, cohesive woven structure provides breathability. Zones that seem designed by nature herself for maximum airflow.

And if you're already on the edge of your seat, hold on tight. The shoe is outfitted with the brand's iconic CloudTec, a blend of unparalleled energy return and elite-level impact protection, bringing out the best of the Helion HF hyperfoam and the carbon Speedboard. It's a masterclass in engineering, serving as a testament to how far we've come in the name of athleticism and human capability.

But there's more to the Cloudboom Echo 3 than just being light on your feet, though its maximum weight of just 215 grams helps. It features an ingeniously breathable microfiber upper that both promises extreme breathability and effective water absorption.

The Cloudboom Echo 3, in short, is the amalgamation of leveled-up elements approved by elite athletes. It's a race-day shoe designed for those who crave speed, desire impact protection, and yearn for energy return. The heel-to-toe drop, at 9.5mm, is built to shift the load to your knees and hips, ideal for heel strikers. It's not just about being fast. It's about smart running.

And so, we're left with a shoe that's evolved from the collective desire of runners worldwide for better, faster, stronger. It's here to help you outrun your echo, to shatter the glass ceiling of your limitations and find yourself victorious on the other side.

That's the On Cloudboom Echo 3. Crafted cushioning for a race-specific fit, sustainable materials, high-tech design, and an unquenchable thirst for speed. It's not just a shoe; it's a testament to the human spirit, a symbol of our relentless pursuit of excellence. Run with it, my friends, and discover what you're truly capable of. Happy running.


  1. Exceptional Performance: With its Helion HF hyperfoam technology and full Carbon Speedboard, the Cloudboom Echo 3 promises a spring-like propulsion with each stride, enhancing your speed and performance.
  2. Unparalleled Comfort: The shoe is designed with crafted cushioning for a race-specific fit, ensuring comfort even during extended periods of running.
  3. Sustainable Material: The Helion HF hyperfoam is made of 46% bio-based materials derived from castor beans, making it eco-friendly. Plus, it's fully recyclable.
  4. Innovative Design: The shoe boasts a cohesive, woven structure with deliberate zones for high breathability, offering an improved user experience.
  5. Lightweight: Weighing in at a maximum of 215 grams, the Cloudboom Echo 3 is incredibly light, reducing strain and fatigue during your runs.
  6. Superior Energy Return: The shoe's integration of On’s iconic CloudTec with Helion HF hyperfoam results in an excellent energy return, making your runs more efficient.


  1. High Price Point: At $289.99, the On Cloudboom Echo 3 is an investment. It might be outside the budget for some runners.
  2. Specific User Focus: With a 9.5mm heel-to-toe drop, this shoe is designed more for heel strikers. Runners with different foot strikes might find this less beneficial.
  3. Style Focused on Performance: While the design is high-tech and functionally excellent, some users might prefer a more traditional aesthetic or find the modern, sleek look not to their taste.
  4. New Material: The introduction of Helion HF hyperfoam is innovative but being new, its long-term performance and durability are yet to be thoroughly tested.
  5. Limited Use: Being a race-day shoe, it might not be the best option for everyday training or casual wear, limiting its versatility.


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