Cinch and Wild Land’s Air Cruiser: Redefining Rooftop Camping with Inflatable Convenience

Innovative Inflatable Rooftop Camping Solution

The open road, a world of unending discoveries, beckons to our inner adventurers, and the Wild Land Air Cruiser is a sweet serenade to that call. A mind-blowing innovation on the rooftop camping scene, it promises to revolutionize our starlit slumbers in the wilderness.

Imagine, after a day of epic hikes and exploration, you come back to your vehicle, and there’s no fuss about setting up a traditional camp. Air Cruiser does all the work for you, almost like magic. A button's push and voilà! Your snug shelter is ready in a matter of minutes. How splendid, right?

Interestingly, the brains behind this rooftop revolution are none other than outdoor gear titans Cinch from the UK, and Wild Land from China. Their masterstroke here lies in the inflatable frame, the heart of Air Cruiser, making setup an absolute breeze. This functionality lets you say goodbye to those cumbersome poles and tricky instructions that become gibberish in the dim light of a sinking sun.

When packed, the Air Cruiser maintains a compact profile, mounted atop your vehicle like a secret weapon against the mundane. Its footprint is reasonable at 55 x 39 x 10 inches, and weighing in at around 80 lbs, it doesn't make your vehicle feel like a lopsided mammoth.

A delightful feature of the Air Cruiser is its spacious interior. It stretches out to 83 x 51 x 57 inches, enough to comfortably accommodate two to three people. Imagine lying under the stars with your loved ones, recounting tales of the day's adventures. The tent fabric is a waterproof ripstop polyester-cotton blend, sturdy enough to withstand temperatures from a chilly -4 to a sweltering 150 ºF.

The tent doesn't stop impressing there. Inside, it's a mini oasis of comfort with a memory foam mattress, six screened windows for ventilation and stargazing, and dimmable LED strips to set the mood just right. Blackout curtains assure your sleep isn't disturbed by the early dawn, while exterior boot-holder pockets add a touch of practicality.

With a Kickstarter campaign currently underway, early-bird adventurers can secure their Air Cruiser for a pledge of $2,199, compared to the planned retail price of $2,999. It may seem a bit steep, but the unparalleled convenience and comfort it offers could very well justify the investment.

To me, the Wild Land Air Cruiser feels like an embodiment of the modern nomad spirit – it's about streamlining, simplifying, and embracing the beautiful unknown with open arms. This inflatable rooftop tent is not just a shelter; it's an invitation to adventure, a statement of freedom. It's about being active, alive, and audacious, and embracing the joy that comes from stepping outside your comfort zone and into the great outdoors. So, happy camping, folks! The world is yours to explore.


  1. Ease of Setup: With the push of a button, the Air Cruiser sets up in just a few minutes, eliminating the struggle of traditional tent pitching.
  2. Compact and Lightweight: Weighing around 80 lbs, it doesn't add significant bulk to your vehicle. Its packed dimensions (55 x 39 x 10 inches) allow it to fit neatly on most roof racks.
  3. Spacious Interior: Unfolded dimensions of 83 x 51 x 57 inches can comfortably accommodate two to three people.
  4. Durable Fabric: The tent is made from a waterproof ripstop polyester-cotton blend that can withstand a wide temperature range from -4 to 150 ºF.
  5. Comfortable Amenities: Features like a memory foam mattress, six screened windows, dimmable LED lights, blackout curtains, and exterior boot-holder pockets enhance the overall camping experience.


  1. Price: The Air Cruiser is priced at $2,199 for Kickstarter backers and will retail at $2,999. This is significantly more expensive than traditional rooftop and ground tents.
  2. Electric Dependency: The tent's inflation mechanism relies on an electric pump, which might prove problematic in areas without access to a power source or if the pump malfunctions.
  3. Potential Durability Concerns: The inflatable frame might be susceptible to leaks or punctures over time, affecting the tent's longevity compared to traditional framed tents.
  4. Vehicle Requirements: Though it's stated to be compatible with any car, certain vehicles might not be suitable or safe to carry the additional weight of the Air Cruiser on their roof.
  5. Weight Limitations: While accommodating two to three people, the Air Cruiser might have weight limitations due to its inflatable nature and the weight capacity of the vehicle's roof.


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