EZ Squat for easy squats with Plates or Dumbbells

Faster, safer, and more comfortable

The EZ Squat is designed to allow for a safe and effective squatting exercise using dumbbells or weight plates. It is a compact, portable, and versatile product that can be used at home or in a gym setting consisting of two handles connected to either hooks for a dumbbell or a 14 gauge steel 12″ tall plate shaft for Olympic plates.

When using the handles to carry the weights, the EZ Squat perfectly centers the loads and keeps it close to the body centerline while avoiding the shins and thighs for a more effective and safe workout. The handles also allow the user to maintain a more upright posture during the exercise, which can help reduce strain on the lower back and knees.

The Weight Plate version accepts up to 6 Olympic plates up to 270 lbs. The handles are made of rubber and disengages the plate shaft when in a folded position for easy removal to add more plates or to remove them. While the Dumbbell version uses hooks that can be used with any dumbbell.

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