Sleepisol sleep and focus aid

Controls brain waves

Sleepisol is a product designed to help people relax, sleep, and focus better by using electrical pulses to influence your brain waves. It features two small electrodes placed on your forehead where an electric current will pass through with certain frequencies depending on the mode.

There are four modes: Sleep mode for getting your brain waves to a Delta state conducive to sleep, Stress mode turns your brain waves in the Alpha state to keep you calm, Focus mode for inducing the Gamma state of mind for productivity and problem solving, and Relax mode gets you into deep meditative state. The modes can be selected via a free smartphone app.

As for the validity of the science behind this product, we simply don't know. It's important to research and evaluate its effectiveness and safety before making a making a purchase and at a discounted price of $199, this thing is not cheap.

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