Technobody Walker View 3.0 SCX adapts to your running performance

Analyzes your running performance using sensors and a 3D camera

The Technobody Walker View 3.0 SCX is an advanced treadmill designed for gait analysis, rehabilitation, and sports training. It is a highly innovative and customizable piece of equipment that offers a range of features and functionalities to help users improve their walking and running performance.

The treadmill is a equipped with high-precision sensors underneath the running belt and a 3D camera working together for an accurate gait or run analysis in real time. This analysis is used for the Automatic Speed Control option, which lets the treadmill control speed based on your running performance, and can be printed out as a report at the end of the session.

You can also choose the traditional way of controlling speed using the classic “plus and minus” buttons. Gait and run analysis continues to run in this manual mode.

The Walker View 3.0 SCX also features a 49″ screen for viewing the analysis report in real time and for virtual reality runs.

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