Twistboxes: Foldable Rooftop Storage for the Modern Traveler

Compact, Innovative, Durable, Stylish, Convenient

There's a certain romance in the open road, a call to adventure that whispers to us all. But let's be honest, there are always the practical concerns. Where do you stash your gear? How do you haul your essentials, especially when your trunk is bursting at the seams? Enter the Twistboxes – the brainchild of Mikael Nelderup, a Swedish outdoorsman who had an epiphany and turned it into a reality.

Imagine a rooftop carrier, a stalwart, unwieldy beast that sits atop your vehicle. Now reimagine it – softer, lighter, infinitely more convenient. The Twistboxes boasts of a design that rivals a traditional roof box in function yet leaves it in the dust when it comes to innovation. Molded from a resilient blend of steel and 1680D PVC-coated ballistic nylon, this invention promises 520 liters of storage space that's secure from the elements.

On the road, it's steady, silent, and efficient. The absence of the irritating whistle at high speeds is indeed a blessing. Furthermore, it’s tested to withstand sudden brakes from 80 km/h, even when it's burdened with 75 kilos of cargo. A true testament to its design, showing it's more than just a pretty face.

But the magic happens when you're done with your journey. It smoothly collapses and rolls up into a compact, closet-ready form, defying its former voluminous nature. The base plate remains a mystery yet to be unraveled, but if its design is anything like the rest of the Twistboxes, it's bound to be another stroke of genius.

What's even more endearing is the story behind it. Born out of frustration with the clunky rooftop carriers dotting the Swedish winter landscape, the makers of Twistboxes spent five laborious years perfecting this invention. They aimed for something durable, secure, yet lightweight and flexible, and boy, did they deliver!

Twistboxes also brings a fresh twist to accessibility. Traditional roof boxes have you clambering over your car's rear, but this one? It opens gracefully from the sides, ensuring your vehicle's roof is pristine and your back is unstrained. And if you're feeling traditional, it can be accessed from the top as well.

Its Scandinavian design is evident, not just in its functionality but also its aesthetics. You can even tailor its hues to complement your car. Now, that’s what I call traveling in style.

The product has launched its Kickstarter campaign, offering early backers an opportunity to own this game-changer at half its retail price. That's a small price to pay for a revolution in the world of roof-top carriers.

Travelers, wanderers, and adventurers, it's clear that the old era of cumbersome roof boxes is waning. As someone who's witnessed a multitude of innovations across continents, I'd say the Twistboxes isn't just a product. It's a promise. A promise of easier journeys, of convenience that doesn’t compromise on quality, and of a future where traveling is truly hassle-free. So, gear up, the open road awaits, and with the Twistboxes, you're more ready than ever.


  1. Compact Storage: Once rolled up, the Twistboxes becomes a closet-friendly package, offering convenience for those with limited storage space.
  2. Lightweight Design: Weighing roughly half as much as traditional roof boxes, it's easier to manage and place atop a vehicle.
  3. Durable and Secure: Constructed from robust steel and 1680D PVC-coated ballistic nylon, ensuring safety for both the box's contents and the car beneath.
  4. High-Speed Testing: It's tested to remain secure during sudden braking at 80 km/h, even when fully loaded, surpassing industry norms.
  5. Noise Reduction: Designed to eliminate the annoying whistling noises that plague many roof boxes at high speeds.
  6. Ease of Access: Features both side and top access, ensuring easy packing and unpacking of items without damaging the vehicle.
  7. Compatibility: Claims to fit all rail types, providing a universal solution for various vehicles.
  8. Weather-Resistant: Made from UV-protected, waterproof materials, ensuring contents remain dry and safe in various weather conditions.
  9. Aesthetically Pleasing: Scandinavian design aesthetics with customization options to match car colors.
  10. Environmental Benefits: Being lightweight, it potentially reduces fuel consumption compared to heavier counterparts.


  1. Price Point: Initial cost might be high for some, even with the Kickstarter discount.
  2. Base Plate Uncertainty: The design and storage mechanism of the base plate remain unspecified, raising potential concerns.
  3. New Product Risks: As with many Kickstarter campaigns, there's always the risk associated with backing a product that's not yet in mass production.
  4. Limited Real-World Feedback: Being a new product, long-term durability and real-world performance are yet to be fully established.
  5. Space Limitation: While 520 liters is spacious, some might require larger storage solutions for extensive travels.

From €899

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