Elevate Your Rides with Haibike HYBE – Where Performance Meets Elegance!

Powerful, Versatile, Elegant, Advanced, Trail-Ready

Imagine being handed a machine built to conquer any terrain, an embodiment of raw power and exquisite design. This is what the Haibike HYBE promises and, for the most part, it delivers.

The journey with the HYBE begins with its design, bearing that unmistakable Haibike mark. From its thick, oversized tubing to the distinctive kink in the top and down tube, the HYBE isn't shy about its identity. And while some may balk at the audacious color options of the flagship HYBE 11 — choices like Pearl Blue, Deep Magenta, and Neon Pink — the more reserved might lean towards the subtler hues of the HYBE 9.

But where the HYBE truly shines is in its performance. Its Bosch CX Race motor, packing a whopping 85nm of torque, seems to whisper, “Challenge accepted,” every time you approach a steep trail. And for those who have an insatiable thirst for power, there’s an integrated cooling system to ensure consistency and reliability, because maintaining your cool is as vital as owning the ground you ride on.

And ride you will, with a grace and command that might surprise you. With 170 mm/160 mm suspension, the HYBE ensures you don't feel every bump and jolt, translating to a smoother, more comfortable ride. The mixed wheel setup — 29” in the front and 27.5” in the back — aids in greater control and maneuverability, particularly when those trails become unpredictable.

Yet, for all its bells and whistles, the HYBE hasn’t lost sight of the practical. The Modular Rail System, for instance, allows you to affix a myriad of accessories with ease. And while the absence of conventional bottle cage bosses might raise some eyebrows, the myriad of available solutions more than make up for it.

The HYBE’s story isn’t without its quirks, however. The Bosch LED remote on the handlebar, with its bulk and myriad buttons, might be a bit much for those adrenaline-filled race moments. Mistakenly pressing the wrong button when fatigued during a race could be costly. A more minimalist approach would have been a more strategic choice.

On the spectrum of the HYBE range, the HYBE 11 does stand tall, boasting of a FOX 38 fork and FLOAT X shock, a shiny gold Kashima coating, and the powerful MAGURA MT5 brakes. Yet, there's a feeling that Haibike might have scrimped a bit with certain components, such as the SRAM SX Eagle chain. On the other side, the HYBE 9, though more discreet and modestly priced, doesn't skimp on performance and is perfect for beginners or those on a budget.

In terms of geometry, the HYBE comes in a range of sizes, from S to XL. The length might seem a bit on the shorter side for some, and while the head angle is decent, the relatively long chainstays could affect the bike's balance and handling depending on the frame size chosen.

In conclusion, if racing heart-pounding trails or simply exploring unknown terrains is your calling, the Haibike HYBE might just be the companion you're seeking. It’s more than just a bike; it’s an experience waiting to be undertaken. While it might have minor foibles, the overarching sentiment is clear: with the HYBE, you don't just ride; you dominate. Own your ground.


  1. Performance and Power: The HYBE features a supremely powerful Bosch CX Race motor with 85nm of torque, ensuring high performance in any terrain.
  2. Versatility: Designed for a variety of terrains from enduro to hardcore trail riding, it's been tested by athletes across different landscapes.
  3. Advanced Cooling System: It boasts an integrated cooling system, which ensures consistent performance.
  4. Optimized Suspension: With 170 mm/160 mm suspension, the HYBE is set to handle rugged terrains with ease.
  5. Mullet Wheel Setup: The mixed wheel setup (29” in the front, 27,5” in the back) is designed for control and maneuverability.
  6. Signature Design: The HYBE's design is unmistakably Haibike, featuring the brand's distinctive aesthetics.
  7. Battery Options: Powered by a 750 Wh battery, which can be extended by 210 Wh with an optional range extender, providing flexibility for longer rides.
  8. Modular Rail System: This system allows users to attach a variety of accessories to the down tube, enhancing customization.
  9. Cable Management: Cables are routed into the frame for a cleaner and tidier look.


  1. Control System: The Bosch LED remote control is bulky with too many buttons, which could be inconvenient during demanding race stages.
  2. Battery Size Concern: Some might find the 750 Wh battery excessive for racing stages, making the bike heavier than necessary.
  3. No Conventional Bottle Cage: There are no standard bottle cage bosses, which limits users to the Modular Rail System solutions.
  4. Chainstay Protector: The chainstay protector could be longer to better prevent chain slap and potential damage.
  5. Dropper Post Length: The dropper post lengths, especially for the HYBE 11, are considered short by current standards.
  6. Tire Choices for HYBE 11: The chosen tires might not offer the best grip and durability for race day.
  7. Component Differences in HYBE 9: The HYBE 9's components, especially the motor, are not optimized for racing.
  8. Geometry Concerns: The bike's geometry, like the unvarying chainstay length across sizes, may lead to varied handling and balance for different riders.
  9. Seat Tube Length: The long seat tubes could restrict movement and prove uncomfortable for some riders.

From €7,999

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