Outside Van Slim Chance: Luxury Meets Rugged Off-Road Mastery

Rugged. Luxurious. Advanced. Durable. Exclusive

There are a few things in life that genuinely resonate with the wandering spirit – the open road, the allure of uncharted territory, and the call of the wild. Among these, there exists a distinct class of creations that bridge the gap between the rugged outdoors and the comforts of civilization. The Slim Chance, my friends, is one such bridge.

With an embrace of mahogany luan plywood on its walls and ceilings, it feels less like you’re stepping into a vehicle and more like entering a chic rustic cabin. Its 3M Thinsulate insulation and sound deadening ensures that the inside remains a sanctuary, free from the cacophonies of the outside world. You'll find the essence of marine life in its marine-grade vinyl floor and ¾” plywood, exuding both durability and class.

The Slim Chance doesn’t skimp on technology either. The Power System is decked out with a 945-hour Lithium System, coupled with a 2000W Magnum Inverter. So, whether you're charging your gear or playing some tunes on the JL Audio System, power is aplenty. And for those chilling nights in the mountains or desert cold, the Espar Airtronic Diesel Furnace comes to the rescue, offering warmth both for the air inside and the water you'll use.

Driving into areas with patchy reception? No worries. The Weboost Cell Phone Signal Booster has got you covered. Communicate seamlessly, even in the far reaches, with the Midland Two-Way Radio. And for those culinary exploits, the Galley Kitchen is more than equipped with a refrigerator, sink, and induction cooktop. The Paperstone Countertop adds an elegant touch to the rustic charm, and the overhead cabinetry conceals a microwave for those quick meal fixes.

But what truly sets the Slim Chance apart is its commitment to ensuring every outdoor enthusiast feels at home in nature. The Terrawagon flares and the Owl Vans Sherpa Cargo Carrier, coupled with that custom wrap by Oregon Design Co., makes a statement both on and off the beaten path. There's a Safari Rack that boasts a 50” Rigid Lightbar, offering clear illumination during those off-road adventures. Moreover, the Black Rhino Atlas 17” Wheels with BFG KO2 Tires ensures you’re navigating any terrain with ease.

The Slim Chance is more than just a van; it's a statement. It tells the world that you’re ready for any challenge, yet not willing to compromise on comfort. At a cool $308,000, it's certainly an investment, but think of it as purchasing a slice of the world, your way. After all, when you’re out chasing horizons, the last thing you want is to feel limited by your ride. Slim Chance ensures you never do.


  1. Rugged Luxury: With mahogany luan plywood interiors and marine-grade materials, the van elegantly combines rugged durability with a touch of luxury.
  2. Superior Insulation and Sound Deadening: The use of 3M Thinsulate insulation ensures optimal temperature regulation, while the sound deadening offers a peaceful interior environment.
  3. Advanced Power System: The 945-hour Lithium System coupled with the 2000W Magnum Inverter means power needs are met, even during extended outdoor stays.
  4. Heating Capabilities: The Espar Airtronic Diesel Furnace ensures the inside remains cozy, heating both the cabin air and water efficiently.
  5. Connectivity in Remote Areas: With the Weboost Cell Phone Signal Booster and Midland Two-Way Radio, staying connected in off-grid locations becomes feasible.
  6. Fully-Equipped Kitchen: The van features a complete Galley Kitchen, ensuring meal prep isn't a challenge on the road.
  7. Versatility and Storage: Features such as the Terrawagon flares, Owl Vans Sherpa Cargo Carrier, and numerous racks and storage options allow for efficient space utilization and transportation of adventure gear.
  8. Optimal Lighting: With a 50” Rigid Lightbar and additional exterior lighting, nighttime visibility is enhanced, beneficial during off-road or nighttime travels.
  9. Terrain Navigation: The combination of Black Rhino Atlas 17” Wheels with BFG KO2 Tires assures effective handling of varied terrains.


  1. Hefty Price Tag: Priced at $308,000, it's a significant investment, potentially limiting its market to a niche audience or those with higher spending capabilities.
  2. Potential Maintenance Costs: With a plethora of high-end features and systems, maintenance or repair might be on the higher end, both in terms of costs and expertise required.
  3. Size and Maneuverability: While the details on size are not explicit, outdoor vehicles with numerous additions might be challenging to maneuver in tight urban spaces.
  4. Fuel Efficiency Concerns: Given its vast array of features, it might have a considerable weight, potentially affecting its fuel efficiency.
  5. Custom Parts: Some of the specialized parts (like the Terrawagon flares or Black Rhino wheels) might not be easily replaceable in remote areas or may require waiting periods for delivery.
  6. Overwhelming Features for Novices: For those new to outdoor adventure vehicles, the plethora of features might be overwhelming or go unused, not maximizing the value for their investment.

While the Slim Chance offers a luxurious yet rugged experience for the outdoorsy types, potential buyers would need to weigh the price against the value they'd derive from all its features.


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