KickSpike boots with spikes on demand

Kick button to toggle spikes

We have a lot of people interested in Meindl Spiked Boots because of its retractable spikes. Unfortunately it seems those boots are no longer available. However, the KickSpike might turn out to be a better alternative because the deployment of spikes is much faster and more convenient. Unlike the Meindl where you need to turn a dial in the heel to deploy the spikes – you only the kick the button on the heel of the KickSpike. And to retract the spikes, you only need to kick it again. It's much faster this way and there is no need to bend down.

The KickSpike does not have spikes in the forefoot like in Meindl's because they're proven to be a trip hazard for a majority of the population. The spikes are made of tungsten carbide and 303 stainless steel, making them 100% rust-proof. The boot is oil resistant and waterproof with up to 400g 3M Thinsultate for cold weather conditions.

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