Milo Action Communicator works without wifi or cell service

Handsfree group communication

The Milo Action Communicator allows you communicate in a group without the need for a wifi network or a cell service whether your riding a bike, skiing, or kite surfing and more. It uses a mesh radio network to allow two grouped Milos to communicate with each other up to a third of a mile apart (about half a kilometer). But due to the nature of mesh networks, the overall range is extended when the group spreads out.

The Milo has 6 digital low-distortion microphones with noise reduction technology to ensure clear communication. It is designed to be worn on your body with unique clip system that uses magnet and a mechanical lock to keep it secure. When you need to communicate to the group, simply talk. There's no need to push any button. This doesn't mean you'll be hearing people breathing hard when no one's talking because the mic on the Milo is only triggered by speech and it's very good at recognizing it.

It has built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery that all day under normal circumstances. You can also use it with or without a bluetooth headset.

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