TOPS Woodcraft Knife – A Modern Twist on a Timeless Classic

Heritage-inspired outdoor survival knife

Exploring the wilderness demands reliable tools, and the TOPS Woodcraft knife is a contemporary reimagining of a century-old classic that meets this need brilliantly. Webster Marble, the founder of Marble’s Knives, began his journey in 1899, carving a niche in the world of hunting knives. His innovation of stacking leather washers for handles and offering various sizes made his knives versatile and popular among a diverse range of outdoor enthusiasts.

Around 1915, Marble introduced the Woodcraft knife, a game-changer with its fat-bellied clip point blade and signature stacked leather handle. It was a hit among hunters and trappers, and by 1933, the Boy Scouts adopted it as their official knife, cementing its legacy in the outdoor world.

Fast forward to today, and TOPS Knives, a stalwart in the knife industry known for its exceptional hunting and tactical knives, has revitalized the Woodcraft knife. This modern version honors its heritage while incorporating contemporary materials and design.

The TOPS Woodcraft knife is a marvel in terms of construction and utility. It boasts an 8.75-inch blade made from Cerakoted 1095 steel, a material renowned for its sharpness and resilience. This steel, commonly used in durable cutting tools like lawn mower blades, is now even more robust with a corrosion and abrasion-resistant Cerakote finish.

In a departure from the original, TOPS chose Micarta handle scales instead of stacked leather, enhancing the knife's durability and grip. They've also introduced a choil and spine jimping for improved control and ease of use in various conditions.

The blade design is particularly noteworthy. The fat-bellied, upswept clip point blade is not only ideal for processing game but is also versatile enough for a range of outdoor activities. It's a knife that's as much at home in a backpacker's kit as it is in a hunter's.

The leather belt sheath deserves a special mention. Beautifully crafted, it allows the knife to sit comfortably below the waistline, making it an excellent choice for backpackers, as it won't interfere with a pack's hip belt.

Priced at $235, the TOPS Woodcraft knife is not just a tool; it's a piece of heritage reinvented for the modern outdoorsman. It's a testament to the legacy of Marble's Knives and the innovation of TOPS. Whether you're a serious outdoors enthusiast or a hunter in search of an effective tool, the TOPS Woodcraft knife is a worthy investment, promising reliability and versatility in the wilderness.


  1. Durability: The use of Micarta handle scales over the original stacked leather offers increased durability and resilience to weather elements.
  2. Blade Quality: The 1095 Cerakoted steel blade provides exceptional sharpness and is built to withstand abuse, being highly resistant to corrosion and abrasion.
  3. Heritage Design: The knife maintains the classic design features of the original Marble’s Woodcraft knife, appreciated by generations of outdoor enthusiasts.
  4. Versatility: The fat-bellied, upswept clip point blade is suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities, including hunting and camping.
  5. Improved Grip: The addition of a choil and spine jimping ensures a more secure grip and better control in various conditions.
  6. Sheath Design: The thoughtfully designed leather belt sheath allows for easy and comfortable carry, not interfering with backpack hip belts.


  1. Price: At $235, the knife is a significant investment, which may be prohibitive for casual or budget-conscious users.
  2. Weight: Weighing in at 7.0 oz (10.70 oz with the sheath), it may be considered heavy for those who prioritize lightweight gear.
  3. Steel Maintenance: While 1095 steel is tough and holds an edge well, it requires more maintenance than some stainless steels to prevent rust, especially if the Cerakote is compromised.
  4. Modern Materials: Traditionalists may prefer the original leather washers to the modern Micarta handles, for aesthetic or historical reasons.
  5. Size: The knife’s dimensions may not be suitable for those looking for a smaller or more compact knife for everyday carry.
  6. Specialized Design: While versatile, the design is specifically tailored for outdoor activities and may not be the best option for general or urban everyday use.


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