SaddleSpur™ by John Downing: Revolutionize Your Ride with Innovative Back Support

Ergonomic bike saddle with support

In the realm of cycling, the pursuit of a ride that's as exhilarating as it is pain-free is a bit of a Holy Grail. It's that sweet spot where the love for riding marries innovation to banish the all-too-common backaches and the bum soreness that can turn a blissful journey into a grinding chore. Enter the SaddleSpur™, a British brainchild that promises to revolutionize the way we think about bike seats.

The SaddleSpur™ isn't just another saddle; it's a reinvention with a focus on ergonomics and efficiency. Think of it as a supportive cradle, not just for your body but for your cycling ambitions as well. With its patented design, it boldly claims to alleviate the strain on your lower back, offering a sturdier base to enhance your pedaling power. This isn't just about comfort—it's about transforming your ride from the bottom up.

Now, the design might raise eyebrows—there's no denying its uniqueness with the prominent ‘spur' at the back. Some might find it peculiar, but this feature is the linchpin of the SaddleSpur's™ innovative approach. It's engineered to redistribute your weight, not just on your sit bones but across a more substantial part of the structure, allowing for a more dynamic and less tiresome cycling experience.

Moreover, the creators didn't just rest on a clever design; they've backed it with research and lab tests to validate their claims. Cyclists have reported tangible benefits—a boost in comfort and performance, especially over long distances. And while it might look different, fitting it onto your bike is a breeze, compatible with a variety of bike types.

Of course, every revolution has its skeptics, and SaddleSpur™ has had its share of hurdles—like the initial Kickstarter hiccup. But passion and perseverance have kept this idea pedaling forward, and now it's an available reality for those willing to invest in their riding comfort.

For the avid cyclist seeking a new edge or the commuter tired of the same old uncomfortable journey, the SaddleSpur™ offers a fresh take. It's a risk, certainly, with its unconventional aesthetic and unique design, but innovation in the pursuit of comfort is worth a look. After all, when the ride is smooth, the destination becomes a joy rather than just an end point. So why not saddle up on a SaddleSpur™ and see where this new cycling path leads?


  1. Ergonomic Support: The SaddleSpur™ is designed to provide natural support for the lower back, which can increase comfort and reduce pain during long rides.
  2. Performance Enhancement: The unique spur design is claimed to offer a secure base, allowing for more power with every pedal push.
  3. Research-Backed: Claims of increased comfort and performance are supported by research, including a time-trial study.
  4. Comfort Features: Includes a unisex cutout to reduce saddle pressure and a memory pad for extra comfort.
  5. Versatility: Compatible with various types of bikes, including off-road, road, hybrid, and folding bicycles.
  6. Ease of Installation: Despite its unique design, it fits onto bikes using standard attachment methods.
  7. Aesthetic Design: Designed to be stylish as well as functional, appealing to cyclists who value appearance as well as performance.


  1. Unconventional Appearance: The distinctive spur may be off-putting to some, attracting odd looks or skepticism.
  2. Limited Movement: The design might restrict the ability to shift weight, which is often needed during steep descents or for maneuvering.
  3. Weight Distribution: While the spur design redistributes weight, it may not be suitable for all riding styles or body types.
  4. Initial Market Reception: The product had an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign, which may reflect market hesitance or a lack of initial interest.
  5. Price Point: At £125 (approximately $153), the cost may be prohibitive for casual cyclists or those on a tight budget.
  6. Innovative Risk: As with any novel design, there's a risk that it may not deliver on all its promises for every rider.

£125 (~$153)

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