Royal Enfield x UNIMATIC Modello Quattro U4-RE: A Timepiece for the Road Warrior

Rugged. Limited. Stylish. Precise. Heritage

Embarking on a journey through the avenues of time and craftsmanship, we uncover the Royal Enfield x UNIMATIC Modello Quattro ref. U4-RE, a limited-edition timepiece that's a tribute to the spirit of adventure. Born from a collaboration between the storied Indian motorcycle brand and the Italian watchmaker known for its minimalist designs, this watch is a celebration of heritage and modern engineering.

Imagine the sun glinting off the heavily sandblasted stainless steel case as you cruise down an open road. This isn't just any watch; its shimmering effect is designed to complement those moments when you're one with your bike, the wind, and the road. The Modello Quattro ref. U4-RE, a 40mm diver, boasts a sterile steel bezel and a solid 316 stainless steel case that's as robust as it is refined. It's a nod to both brands' commitment to durability, with a water resistance of 300 meters, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of adventure, be it on land or sea.

The watch's face is a canvas of time-honored aesthetics, featuring a glossy black dive dial that sets off a striking bright red Royal Enfield logo. This logo is a beacon of passion for the brand, just like the golden pinstripes on their classic bikes, mirrored here in the gold metallic trims of the dial. The Super-LumiNova® GL old radium lume markers evoke a vintage feel while ensuring readability in the darkest of nights.

The essence of this watch lies in the details: the phantom ladder hands, the reverse lollipop second hand with its gold metallic tip, and the flat sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating. It's a watch that speaks to the soul of the rider, with a NH35A automatic movement at its heart, offering a 41-hour power reserve—a reliable companion for long rides.

Switching between the black heavy-duty nylon NATO strap and the extra cognac two-piece calf leather strap is like choosing between two paths on a journey, each offering a different perspective on the adventure ahead. And with each strap fitting snugly into the 22mm drilled lugs, the watch is ready for whatever path you choose.

The caseback is a testament to the legacy, engraved with Royal Enfield's “Made like a gun” slogan, a reminder of the brand's storied past and relentless pursuit of excellence. Each piece is marked with a progressive number, symbolizing its place in this limited run of only 122 pieces, celebrating 122 years since Royal Enfield's inception.

Now, the rarity of this watch mirrors the unique stories of each rider. Securing one is like winning a golden ticket—you enter a lottery, hoping for the chance to own a piece of history. Priced at around $587, it's not just a watch but a piece of heritage for the aficionado who appreciates the finer details and the stories they tell.

This timepiece is not just about keeping time; it's about honoring it. It's for those who understand that the journey is about more than the miles traveled—it's about the moments that take our breath away. The Royal Enfield x UNIMATIC Modello Quattro ref. U4-RE is a companion for those moments, a celebration of the journey, and a homage to the timeless spirit of adventure.


  1. Craftsmanship and Design: The collaboration between Royal Enfield and UNIMATIC ensures a product built with a high level of craftsmanship, boasting a minimalist yet rugged design suitable for enthusiasts.
  2. Durability: With a solid 316 stainless steel case and water resistance up to 300 meters, it is designed to withstand harsh environments, making it ideal for outdoor adventures.
  3. Movement: It is equipped with a NH35A automatic movement which is known for its reliability and a decent 41-hour power reserve.
  4. Limited Edition: The watch is a collector's item with only 122 pieces available, which could increase its value over time.
  5. Lume Visibility: The use of Super-LumiNova® GL old radium lume on markers ensures visibility in low light conditions, adding to its functionality.
  6. Interchangeable Straps: Comes with two strap options – a heavy-duty nylon NATO strap and a two-piece calf leather strap, offering versatility in style.
  7. Anti-Reflective Sapphire Crystal: A 2.8mm thick flat sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating enhances dial visibility and scratch resistance.
  8. Branding and Aesthetics: The watch features unique branding that appeals to Royal Enfield enthusiasts, like the “Made like a gun” slogan and the bright red logo on the dial.


  1. Price: At approximately $587, it may be considered expensive for a watch with a Seiko NH35A movement, especially for non-enthusiasts.
  2. Availability: Being a limited edition, it may be difficult to purchase due to the lottery system and the small number of watches produced.
  3. Size and Weight: The 40mm case and the heavy-duty build might not appeal to those who prefer lighter or smaller watches.
  4. Aftermarket Service: Depending on the region, service and repair might be challenging due to the limited production and specialized parts.
  5. Lack of Features: For the price, it lacks certain features such as a chronograph or GMT function, which are available in other watches in this price range.
  6. Resale Value: While being a limited edition can be a pro, it also means that the resale market could be limited if the model does not become a sought-after collector's item.
  7. Brand Recognition: For those outside of the watch enthusiast community, UNIMATIC may not carry the same brand recognition as more established watchmakers.
  8. Design Specificity: The design elements specific to Royal Enfield might not appeal to non-fans or those who prefer a more brand-agnostic design.


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