Rowbro rowing machine is cheaper and takes less space

The most compact rowing machine in the world

For most people space is a luxury and rowing machines usually take a lot of them. If you want a rowing machine that takes up very little space, consider the Rowbro – the most compact rowing machine in the world according to the makers. The Rowbro can even collapse into a smaller form factor (15″ x 12″ x 12″) so you can easily store it inside a cabinet or storage room and keep it out of the way. At 26 lbs (12 kg), it's light enough to carry where you need to be without help.

When deployed, the length of the Rowbro is 70″, which is enough to accommodate a user up to 6′ 6.74″ (2 m) and up to 256 lbs (120 kg). To keep it steady, you can use the pull-up bar include to anchor it to a doorway or if you don't want to use the doorway there's a wall mount add-on. The pull-up bar fits a doorway with a width of between 65-90 cm. If you have a larger doorway between 90-120 cm, a larger pull-up bar add-on is available. Yes when you're not anchoring the Rowbro you can use the pull-up bar for pull-ups.

The Rowbro uses magnetic resistance for a smooth and quiet rowing experience with 3 levels of resistance to choose from – low, medium, and high. It doesn't come with a screen to monitor your performance but it comes with a dock for your smartphone or tablet to pair with the machine via Bluetooth.

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