Preacher Pad – do preacher curls without a preacher curl bench

Preacher Curl benches take too much space

The preacher curl is a great way to get bigger and stronger biceps because it forces good form even when you lower the dumbbell or barbell to the starting position, miximizing time under tension. Preacher curl benches or preacher curl racks take too much space for their limited functionality. The preacher pad is a great alternative to preacher benches because it doesn't take up any space. All you need is a place to sit with a preacher pad on your thighs to do preacher curls. It doesn't have to rest in your lap though. You can also rest it of a bench or a table or something similar.

The Preacher pad is made in the USA of soft black vinyl and high density foam. It measures 8″ x 13″ x 24″. If you're creative, you can probably do more than just preacher curls with the preacher pad.

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