Unikurve Fitness System – Multi-purpose Equipment

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Soldiers are known for their no-excuses approach to maintaining their strength and fitness no matter where there are, so it seems fitting that a British infantry soldier invented the Unikurve after breaking his leg while on a promotion course. The Unikurve allows you to do thousands of exercises with just one equipment. There are no moving parts, it's unbreakable, and the better you get at it the harder it gets. Instability forces you to work your core and the Unikurve has plenty of it; holding it at various positions can increase instability and leverage, making your workouts harder. Comes in either light (tubular approx. 4kg), heavy (solid bar approx. 8kg), or Extra Heavy (XTRHV solid bar approx. 18.5kg).

See how hard working out with the Unikurve can be in this video by Weider Publishing.

Buy/More info £110 - £149

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