Ice Barrel – Ice bath therapy in a barrel

Sit in an upright position

The Ice Barrel is a product designed for cold water immersion therapy, which is known to have various health benefits such as reducing inflammation, improving circulation, and boosting the immune system. The Ice Barrel is made from low linear density polyethylene, which is a lightweight and durable non-toxic plastic. It is designed to hold up to 105 gallons of water, allowing users to immerse themselves in cold water up to their necks.

While something like the Cold Plunge Tub makes you sit back lounging in freezing water, the Ice Barrel allows you to sit in an upright position, which helps the mind and body focus. It fits most body types under 6′ 6″ and 300 lbs.

The Ice Barrel also comes with a custom-fit insulated cover to help keep the water at a consistent temperature and to protect the barrel from debris and the elements when not in use. There's also a drainage tap at the bottom that can be connected to a standard garden hose so you can drain the water to a preferred location.

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