Onnit Kettlebells: Color-Coded Weights for Your Optimal Training

Durable, Versatile, Color-coded, Grippy, Ranged

In our lives, we often stumble upon tools, objects or devices that seem simple at first glance, but unfold an almost magical complexity and versatility as we delve deeper. Take for instance, these Onnit Kettlebells, which, my friends, are not just hulking hunks of iron. These are dynamic instruments of transformative sweat, strength, and endurance.

If you think all kettlebells are created equal, you're in for a surprise. The new line of Onnit Kettlebells has been re-engineered, nay, reborn, to cater to the whims and fancies of elite athletes and everyday fitness warriors alike. Built with a relentless pursuit of quality, these kettlebells promise to deliver, every single time.

So, what makes these kettlebells stand out in the crowded fitness market? They are the result of a cutting-edge gravity cast molding process which ensures consistency and durability. This isn't just an industrial manufacturing term; it's a commitment to performance. These kettlebells are effortless, ready to handle your most challenging workouts, from a simple snatch or swing, to the more unconventional routines you can cook up.

And it's not just about durability. Anyone who's been in the trenches of a tough workout knows the importance of grip. Picture this: you're in the midst of a grueling set, sweat cascading down, and the last thing you want is your tool slipping away. These kettlebells come with a chip-resistant powder finish, designed to maximize traction and handle sweaty palms. They strike the perfect balance between being smooth enough to protect your hands yet textured for heavy lifting.

While we're on the topic of striking balances, let's talk about color. No, not for aesthetic appeal, but for something incredibly practical. You see, Onnit has color-coded their kettlebells, a simple yet revolutionary idea that ensures you'll never grab two mismatched weights again. Whether you're gasping for breath or wiping off that hard-earned sweat, picking the right kettlebell is now as easy as identifying a green apple from a red one.

The new line of kettlebells doesn't just represent an upgrade; it signifies an evolution. These tools bring together explosive strength and muscular endurance, resulting in a full body workout that is as effective as it is comprehensive.

As for the workouts, they cater to every level, from the ‘Get Up, Get Lean' regimen for beginners to the aptly named ‘Heavy Medal' for the extreme athletes. These routines are designed not just to challenge but to inspire, pushing you to discover new thresholds of potential within.

The Double Dragon, for instance, may sound like a throwback to your arcade days, but it's a hardcore two kettlebell workout for advanced trainees, not for the faint of heart. Similarly, the ‘Full Quart Press' is likely to leave you soaking in sweat, a symbol of your relentless pursuit of strength and stamina.

So, to all those folks who relish the thrill of the active life, these Onnit Kettlebells are more than just pieces of gym equipment. They are companions in your journey towards strength, endurance, and personal victory. They might not promise an easy journey, but they guarantee a worthwhile one. These are not mere kettlebells. They are the challenges you overcome, the strength you gain, and the person you become. And as far as journeys go, isn't that the one worth embarking on?


  1. Gravity Cast Molding Process: The use of this cutting-edge technique ensures more consistency and durability in each kettlebell. They are manufactured to withstand even the most rigorous workout sessions.
  2. Powder Finish for Better Grip: These kettlebells have a chip-resistant powder finish that provides a better grip and combats sweaty hands. This makes them safer to use during strength and endurance training.
  3. Color Coding: This practical feature makes it easier for users to identify different weights, minimizing the risk of accidents due to mismatched weights.
  4. Versatility and Performance: Inspired by the needs of elite athletes and fitness professionals, these kettlebells are versatile enough to handle a variety of exercises and routines.
  5. Range of Weights: With options available from 4 kg to 32 kg, there's a suitable kettlebell for all fitness levels and types of exercises.


  1. Price Range: Ranging from $34.95 to $129.95, these kettlebells might be considered a bit pricey, especially for beginners or casual fitness enthusiasts.
  2. Availability in Individual Weights Only: The kettlebells are sold individually, which could be inconvenient for those looking to buy a complete set of varied weights.
  3. May Not Be Ideal for Novice Users: Given their advanced design and professional-level build, these kettlebells might be intimidating or unnecessarily complex for beginners.
  4. Possibility of Color Fade: The color-coded system, while useful, may be prone to fading over time due to wear and tear, which could affect the easy identification of the weights.
  5. Heavy to Transport: As with all gym equipment of this nature, kettlebells can be heavy and cumbersome to move or transport, particularly the higher-weight options.

From $34.95

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