A New Era of Sustainability: Nikwax Direct.Dry Dominates in Durable Water Repellency

High-performance, PFAS-free, sustainable outdoor fabric treatment

As I stand on the precipice of this brave, new world, I feel a gust of change that smells like clean alpine air and the whispering promise of adventure. Nature isn't a luxury—it's a lifeline, a treasure that we've borrowed from future generations, and it's time we give it the respect it deserves.

Enter stage right: Nikwax and Outdoor Research, a pair that have taken this to heart. They're unveiling something remarkable for Fall 2024, something that doesn't just cater to the thrill-seekers among us, but also our collective environmental consciousness. They call it the Direct.Dry.

Imagine a fabric with the resilience of the toughest synthetics, possessing a stalwart water repellency, all while carrying the green banner of PFAS-free solutions. That's Direct.Dry-treated fabric for you. An innovation for the eco-warrior, a salve for Mother Earth.

What struck me most is the Direct.Dry's unrivaled performance. It notches up an impressive 100 on the AATCC 22 Spray Rating Test—now, I'm no fabric geek, but that's the highest possible rating, and in a world where we rate everything, that's saying something. This steadfast performance stays put even after five washes, drops a little after 20, but here's the kicker: it can bounce right back to a perfect 100 with a simple treatment of Nikwax technical washes and waterproofers. It's like the phoenix of fabrics, a testament to the ethos of innovation, dedication, and sustainability that Nikwax and Outdoor Research represent.

Now, I know some of you might be wondering, “What's the big deal with PFAS?” Well, it's like those pesky villains in our favorite action movies: not quite bad enough to cause immediate damage but insidious enough to have long-term, potentially devastating impacts. So, eliminating them from our outdoor gear? That's not just a big deal—it's a game-changer.

But, here's the real gold: this isn't just about the debut of a new, revolutionary fabric. It's about a statement, a shift in attitude that whispers, “We can do better. We must do better.”

So, let's lace up those boots, grab that Direct.Dry jacket, and set out to meet our new, cleaner, greener adventures. Nature is calling, and it seems she's found a new friend in Nikwax and Outdoor Research. Isn't it about time we answered?


  1. PFAS-Free: The most notable advantage is its PFAS-free composition. This aligns the product with recent legislative and societal pushes for environmentally responsible consumer goods, reducing potential long-term impacts on both human health and the environment.
  2. High Performance: It achieves a perfect score of 100 on the AATCC 22 Spray Rating Test, an impressive feat for a fabric, demonstrating its exceptional water repellency.
  3. Wash Durability: The rating stays at 100 even after five washes, demonstrating high wash durability—an important factor for outdoor enthusiasts who subject their gear to rigorous use and frequent cleaning.
  4. Self-Rejuvenating: The Direct.Dry can be treated with Nikwax technical washes and waterproofers to return its performance rating back to 100 after significant use and washes, ensuring that its top-notch performance isn't a fleeting first impression.
  5. Supports Sustainability: The Direct.Dry aligns with a sustainable and circular approach to consumer goods. Nikwax's aftercare products, which are also PFAS-free and durable, can be used to maintain the Direct.Dry's performance over time, promoting longer product lifespans and less waste.


  1. Performance Degradation Over Time: While its initial rating is high, the performance of the Direct.Dry fabric does decrease with multiple washes. It drops to a rating of 80 after 20 washes, indicating some loss of water repellency over time, which may not be ideal for frequent, intense outdoor use.
  2. Dependence on Aftercare Products: Although it can rejuvenate its performance back to 100 with Nikwax aftercare products, this means the consumer must regularly use these products to maintain optimal performance—potentially an additional cost and effort.
  3. Availability: As of now, the Direct.Dry fabric is primarily being launched with Outdoor Research, which could limit consumer choice in terms of the variety of products and brands available.
  4. Potential Cost: While no specific cost information has been provided, such cutting-edge technology and sustainability initiatives often come with a higher price tag, which could be a con for some consumers. However, the long-term environmental benefits and potential savings from extended product lifespan may offset this initial cost.
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