Munro M Series Electric SUV: Sustainable Power & Performance!

Powerful, sustainable, durable, spacious SUV

In the fog-veiled, rugged hills of Scotland, the roar of a refined yet resolute electric beast breaks the silent harmony of the misty moors. Munro Vehicles introduces its offering to the electric market – a sturdy and forthright SUV, dubbed the M Series after five years of meticulous development and anticipation.

With its initial avatar known as the MK_1, the M Series presents itself in two distinct, powerful variants – the M170 and the M280, embodying the subtlety of choice and the commanding presence of power. The M170 packs a punch with its 226-horsepower axial-flux motor, rendering a towing capacity that sits confidently at 4,960 pounds, escorted by an 85 kWh battery promising a 195-mile range. Its sibling, the M280, turns the dial up with a robust 375-horsepower motor, elevating the towing capacity to a staggering 7,716 pounds while mirroring the battery specs and range of its counterpart. Both variants pledge allegiance to the four-wheel-drive, with the M280 flaunting additional electronic accouterments such as ABS, ESP, and traction control as part of its standard issue.

Now, take a moment, close your eyes, and envision the SUV's silhouette – it’s unapologetically square and utilitarian, reminiscent of the honest lines seen in a Defender 110-style wagon or a four-door pickup. The design is simple, beckoning those with a deep appreciation for functionality over frivolous flare, delivering an aesthetic that's as reliable and straightforward as the vehicle’s performance.

As you tread into the terrain of the unknown, be it the dust-swirling desert or the thick and mysterious forest, the M Series won’t blink with its 800mm wading depth. Ground clearance of 480mm and an approach and departure angle of 84° and 51° respectively, whisper promises of conquering inclines and declines with the ease of a seasoned adventurer.

Peeling back the exterior, the SUV's construction tells tales of endurance and environmental consciousness. With a body-on-frame structure meticulously carved out of 5mm steel, the vehicle seems like it's forged by the hands of Hephaestus himself, destined for an extended service life. The application of billet aluminum, a material celebrated for its lightweight characteristics and recyclability, is witnessed throughout, making the vehicle a testament to sustainability. Minimal plastic usage, prioritizing recyclable varieties, further underscores Munro's commitment to Mother Earth.

Inside this fortress of a vehicle, the sanctuary is insulated with recycled wool, enveloping the occupants in comfort while keeping the biting cold or the searing heat at bay. The promise of exploring options with recycled steel and aluminum for future builds indicates a forward-thinking approach, painting a portrait of a vehicle not just built for today but designed with the many tomorrows in mind.

With these marvels of engineering at your fingertips, and with the freedom to choose a motor that aligns with your specific needs – towing performance or off-highway traction – the M Series beckons you. With cargo capacity generous enough to carry your dreams and equipment, and safety features that wrap you in a cocoon of assurance, this electric SUV is not just another vehicle. It’s a silent partner, ready to traverse through the highs and lows, the smooth and the rugged, turning each journey into a tapestry of unforgettable stories.

Whether you lean towards the path of forestry or find your calling responding to the desperate cries of help in emergency situations, Munro’s electric SUV series offers a canvas, ready to be painted with the hues of your profession and passion. And as these silent, powerful beasts take to the road, orders are now open, awaiting the discerning individuals ready to steer these marvels into the dawn of a new, electric day. The road is long, winding, and full of possibilities – where will your M Series take you?


  1. Power Variants: With two power options, the M170 and M280, customers can select a vehicle that best suits their performance needs, be it towing or off-highway traction.
  2. Impressive Towing Capacity: The M280 boasts a substantial towing capacity of 7,716 pounds, making it suitable for heavy-duty tasks.
  3. Sustainable Construction: The use of billet aluminum, minimal plastics, and recycled wool for insulation underlines a commitment to sustainability and eco-conscious manufacturing.
  4. Durable Design: With a body-on-frame structure crafted from 5mm steel and a design focused on long-term service life, these vehicles are built to withstand rigorous use.
  5. Effective Off-Road Performance: High ground clearance, generous approach and departure angles, and permanent four-wheel drive ensure these vehicles can handle challenging terrains with ease.
  6. Safety Features: With standard safety elements like driver airbags, traction control, ABS, and additional optional equipment, these vehicles prioritize occupant safety.
  7. Configurable Design: The M Series can be tailored to specific applications, with various body styles and configurations available for diverse uses, from forestry to emergency response.
  8. Quick DC Charging: With a DC charge speed of 130kW, the vehicles can be charged swiftly, minimizing downtime and enhancing their usability for users on the move.
  9. Comfortable and Spacious Interior: The cabin is designed for comfort and spaciousness, providing a pleasant environment for occupants during transit.


  1. Limited Range: With a 200-mile range on a full charge, the vehicles may not be suitable for extended trips without access to charging infrastructure.
  2. Utilitarian Aesthetic: The distinctly square and functional design may not appeal to users who prefer sleeker, more contemporary vehicle aesthetics.
  3. Lack of Brand Recognition: As Munro Vehicles isn't a widely recognized or established brand in the automotive market, potential buyers might be hesitant to invest.
  4. No Mention of Warranty: The provided information doesn’t mention warranty details, which might concern potential buyers looking for long-term protection and assurance on their investment.
  5. Potential Price Point: While the exact price isn’t listed, the premium features and sustainable materials used may place these vehicles at a higher price point, potentially limiting their accessibility to a broader market.
  6. Learning Curve for New Users: For individuals not accustomed to electric vehicles or the specific functionalities of the M Series, there might be a learning curve involved in operating these SUVs efficiently.
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