Munro MK_1: The Electric Workhorse Designed to Last

Powerful, Enduring, Utilitarian, Unique, Electric

Imagine a land, rugged and wild, where heather-strewn highlands merge with deep mysterious lochs. A place where the ancient battles with the modern, where legends are forged not in fire, but in the heart and soul of its people. Now, picture a machine, birthed from that very spirit, a mechanical beast designed to conquer both time and terrain. Enter the Munro Vehicles MK_1.

Born in Scotland, a country that embraces its contrasts as much as its history, the MK_1 mirrors its birthplace in its design. It's a monster in performance yet pays homage to the subtle art of practicality. The brutish aesthetics, merged seamlessly with modern technology, create an almost poetic narrative of beauty and strength. This isn't just another vehicle; it's a statement.

Hopping in, you’re met with an honest design language that wastes no space on frivolities. The interior, though spacious, is a testament to the practical Scots' spirit, giving you the comfort of a modern-day chariot while ensuring you have everything at arm's reach.

The tough body? A nod to the fierce Scottish warriors of yore, protected by durable urethane paint. It reminds you of the rugged Scottish landscapes, unpredictable yet always awe-inspiring. And should you decide to chart your path, the impressive ground clearance, approach and departure angles, combined with the expert drivetrain, ensure that no terrain is out of bounds.

But it's not just about the brawn. The brains are evident too. Whether it's the unique HVAC system that's as efficient as a Glasgow pub on a Friday night or the clever storage solutions, which is reminiscent of the hidden chambers in the ancient Scottish castles.

Speaking of storage, every nook and cranny has been optimized. Imagine the front of the truck like the entrance to a grand Scottish castle, with compartments flanking its sides, safeguarding your equipment like the loyal guards of yesteryears.

When it comes to modularity, the Scots understand the need for adaptability, and the MK_1 does not disappoint. With an interior that's as flexible as a Highland dancer, you can modify it to fit your exact needs, from transporting goods to creating a workspace reminiscent of a craftsman's workshop.

Durability? It's built like the walls of Stirling Castle. The interior can withstand the elements like a Scotsman facing the cold North Sea winds. And just like the Highlander's spirit, the MK_1's heart is strong and steadfast. Depending on your needs, you have three variants – Utility, Range, and Performance. Each crafted with precision, ensuring that whether you're hauling, traveling distances, or just showing off a bit, you're doing it with panache.

In essence, the Munro Vehicles MK_1 isn't just a truck; it's a reflection of Scotland's soul. It's a machine that carries forward the legacy of a land known for its fierce pride, indomitable spirit, and an unwavering resolve to forge ahead, no matter the odds. It's not just about the journey or the destination; it's about the stories you'll tell when you get there. Safe travels!


  1. Range/Hours of Work: The MK_1 offers a solid 200 miles of range for up to 16 hours of work, ensuring it can operate efficiently through a standard workday.
  2. Torque: A powerful torque of up to 700Nm in the Performance variant ensures the vehicle's capability in towing and navigating challenging terrains.
  3. Approach/Departure Angle: With an impressive approach angle of 84° and a departure angle of 54°, it's clearly designed for off-road capability.
  4. Ground Clearance: A clearance of 480mm ensures the vehicle can easily navigate rugged terrains without getting stuck or damaged.
  5. Durable Construction: Built with a galvanized chassis and durable urethane textured paint, this vehicle is built to withstand harsh conditions and resist corrosion.
  6. Clever Storage: Accessible storage spaces flanking the front of the truck allow for easy storage of tools and personal items. The individual locking mechanism is a security plus.
  7. Modularity & Space: The vehicle's interior can be easily customized to fit the owner's needs, from removable seating to customizable dash switchgear.
  8. Comfort: Emphasis on spaciousness and comfort means this isn't just a work vehicle but a comfortable space to spend extended hours.
  9. Durability: Dust and waterproof switchgear, self-healing vinyl, and aluminum plates ensure long-lasting durability and ease of maintenance.
  10. HVAC System: The unique system aids efficiency, offering the ability to direct heat to the battery pack or cabin, ensuring optimal temperature regulation.
  11. Drivers Display: A simple and concise display ensures the driver can focus on driving without unnecessary distractions.
  12. Upgradability: Systems and hardware that can be updated over time means the MK_1 can adapt to future technological advances.
  13. Variants: With three options – Utility, Range, and Performance – there's flexibility for potential buyers to choose based on their needs.


  1. Acceleration: The Utility and Range variants take 7.6s for 0-100 km/hr acceleration, which might be considered slightly slower for some users when compared to some modern electric vehicles.
  2. Maximum Road Speed: Capped at 129km/h or 80mph, this might not be the fastest vehicle on highways, especially the Performance variant which has higher power but the same speed cap.
  3. Charging: Even with DC fast charging, it still requires 36 minutes to get from 15% to 80%, which can be inconvenient for those in a rush.
  4. Kerb Weight: Weighing in at 2500kg, it's relatively heavy, which might impact efficiency and performance.
  5. Steel Wheels: While durable, steel wheels can be heavier than alloy wheels, possibly affecting performance and efficiency.
  6. Body-On-Frame Construction: While durable, this traditional construction method is generally heavier than unibody designs and might not offer the same level of rigidity.

In conclusion, the Munro Vehicles MK_1 offers a lot of features tailored for those looking for a durable, off-road capable electric vehicle. It's especially suitable for worksite applications and challenging terrains. However, potential buyers looking for speed or quicker charging times might find some of its specifications lacking.

From £59,994

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