Race Face Half Nelson Lock-On Grip: Master Control & Comfort!

Secure, Comfortable, Durable, Tactile, Sleek

When the sun sets over the mountainous trails, and the rebellious dirt beneath your tires whispers the tales of untold adventure, there's an unsung hero amidst your two-wheeled chariot: the Race Face Half Nelson Lock-On Grip.

This grip, reminiscent of a meticulously crafted tool designed for gladiators, is a silent ally, offering the feel of a familiar, worn-in grasp from the very first rendezvous. It’s a grip that doesn’t fool around with excess, unnecessary cushion but goes straight for a slim, precise embrace, providing the very essence of control one seeks when navigating through nature’s unpredictable canvas.

Imagine an orchestra of tactile perfection, where the Half Nelson doesn't boast with the obstinate persistence of newly bought, too-plush grips that demand seasons to adjust to your hands. No, it’s a masterpiece that wears its low-profile design with the grace of a seasoned professional, offering immediate comfort and intimacy that typically comes with time.

With a steadfast lock-on mechanism, the Half Nelson promises a ride unmarred by the anxiety of loose grips. It's a promise silently whispered through the MX-style half waffle texture, delivering extra assurance under your fingers as they dance in sync with the rhythm of the trail. It's the kind of reliable grip that, whether adorned with gloves or bearing the brunt of bare hands, maintains a dignified performance.

It’s keen on keeping the romantic relationship with adventure alive, with topographic moisture channels crafting an invisible barrier against the moisture. This ensures that whether you’re fording through creeks or challenging the mighty ascents under the blazing sun, the grip holds true, with no treacherous slipping.

Yet, within its tough exterior, the soft rubber composition offers a tender respite for your hands. It is not overly cushioned but subtly forgiving, allowing for a ride that feels as smooth as jazz caressing the night air. Though one might observe a slight trade-off in lifespan due to this softness, the undiluted, raw performance it brings to the table is worth the ephemeral dance.

Finally, like a nod to individuality and flair, the Half Nelson Grips come in nine vibrant tones. It’s a color palette that lets you pick the hue that not only matches your bike but resonates with your spirit, whether you’re donned in professional gear or the casual attire of an everyday explorer.

In essence, the Half Nelson is more than just a grip. It’s a call to adventure, a reliable partner, and a piece of art, all rolled into a modestly priced, high-performance package that understands the subtle, yet powerful language of mountain biking. So, ride on with confidence and let the Half Nelson be the silent, steadfast companion in your tales of dirt and glory.


  1. Instant Comfort: Designed to feel like a well-worn grip from the first use, eliminating the typical break-in period.
  2. Secure Attachment: Features a metal lock ring for a tight grip on handlebars, ensuring the grip stays put.
  3. Optimal Texture: The MX-style half waffle texture and super-tacky rubber guarantee a firm grip, with or without gloves.
  4. Moisture Management: Topographic moisture channels prevent slipping in wet conditions or during intense rides.
  5. Comfortable Ride: The soft rubber composition ensures a more comfortable and smoother ride.
  6. Aesthetic Appeal: Available in nine vibrant colors, allowing riders to customize according to their preference.
  7. Value for Money: Priced at $26.99, it provides a good balance of performance and cost.


  1. Lifespan: The softer rubber, while comfortable, might reduce the overall lifespan of the grip.
  2. Not Overly Cushioned: Some riders might prefer a thicker, more cushioned grip for extended rides.
  3. Slim Design: Its slender design might not be suitable for those who prefer bulkier grips.


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