Yamaha Wolverine RMAX2 1000 XT-R: Built for All Terrains

Powerful, Versatile, Comfortable, Durable, Off-Road Vehicle

Imagine yourself setting off into the wild, an adventurer at heart, primed and ready to conquer any terrain. You're on board the 2023 Yamaha Wolverine RMAX2 1000 XTR, a machine that lives up to its name, savage and unstoppable.

From its commanding engine power, a roaring 999cc beast under the hood, to its distinctive aesthetic, this monster of a machine is designed to dominate the great outdoors. It’s got an imposing figure, a mean silhouette that comes alive when you fire up the engine. The LED headlights at the front, with their so-called “evil eye” marker lights, accentuate the machine's commanding presence and ensure visibility when dusk falls or dawn breaks.

Its robust, terrain-tackling chassis offers you 13.8 inches of maximum ground clearance. Combined with 30-inch Maxxis Carnivore tires, it's an arrangement that assures balanced contact with the ground, allowing you to take on the most formidable landscapes with confidence.

Comfort and versatility aren't sacrificed for power, either. The Wolverine RMAX2 features a hydraulic-assisted tilting cargo bed capable of transporting up to 600 pounds, making it an ideal companion for hauling gear through rough terrains. And if you need more pulling power, it's got a towing capacity of 2,000 pounds. This machine is as ready to work as it is to play.

It's not just about the rough and tumble, though. There's a clear emphasis on comfort and a smooth ride. The Wolverine RMAX2 comes with an advanced heavy-duty suspension, designed to provide optimal comfort and balance at high and low speeds alike. Sporting FOX 2.0 QS3 shocks, this machine ensures maximum bottoming resistance and a travel of 14.2 inches up front and an impressive 16.9 inches in the rear.

All that power and durability are wrapped in a package that's undeniably stylish. Take a seat in the cockpit and you'll find it's as much about luxury as it is about endurance. Soft touchpoints, premium cut-and-sew comfort seats, and a high-quality cockpit rivaling those found in high-end automobiles offer an experience that's as smooth as it is thrilling.

But what’s an adventure without the right soundtrack? The Wolverine RMAX2 1000 XT-R boasts a fully-integrated SSV stereo system, pre-wired for a subwoofer for when you need to dial up the bass, allowing you to create the perfect ambience for your journey.

The Wolverine RMAX2 is not just a machine, it's a promise of thrilling adventures, endless exploration, and a reminder of the exhilarating feeling of absolute freedom. Strap in, the wild awaits.


  1. Powerful Engine: The 999cc parallel-twin engine provides class-leading power and performance, ensuring the vehicle has enough grunt for all types of off-road adventures.
  2. Versatile Performance Settings: With Yamaha D-Mode, the vehicle offers three driving modes (Sport, Trail, and Crawl) to adapt to various terrains and driving conditions.
  3. High-Quality Suspension: The vehicle uses FOX 2.0 QS3 shocks with impressive travel up front and at the rear, enhancing comfort and performance in various off-road situations.
  4. Great Towing and Hauling Capacity: With a towing capacity of 2,000 pounds and a cargo bed that can transport up to 600 pounds, this vehicle is ready to take on tough tasks.
  5. Robust Tires and Wheels: The 30-inch Maxxis Carnivore tires and 14-inch beadlock wheels are designed for excellent traction in various off-road conditions.
  6. Comfortable Interior: The Wolverine RMAX2 1000 XT-R features automotive-style soft touchpoints, comfort seats, and an automotive-inspired cockpit, which help to enhance the overall ride comfort.
  7. Yamaha Durability: Yamaha has a reputation for durability, and this model comes with a 10-year belt warranty, showing confidence in its long-term reliability.


  1. Price: The starting price of $27,199 may be steep for some potential buyers. Off-road vehicles can be expensive, and this one is no exception.
  2. Size and Weight: Depending on the specific use case, the size and weight of the vehicle could be a disadvantage. It might be harder to maneuver in very tight spaces or challenging terrains compared to smaller, lighter vehicles.
  3. Fuel Economy: Though it's not mentioned directly, such a powerful engine might consume a lot of fuel. If fuel economy is a consideration, this could be a potential downside.
  4. Complexity of Features: With advanced features and multiple driving modes, it may take some time for users to fully understand and efficiently use all of the vehicle's capabilities.
  5. Maintenance Costs: While Yamaha vehicles are known for their durability and reliability, maintaining a high-performance off-road vehicle like this one could potentially be costly, particularly as it ages.

Remember, these pros and cons are general and might not apply to everyone. Specific needs and preferences can greatly influence the perceived advantages or disadvantages of this vehicle.

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