Outrider Coyote: Answer the Wild with Outrider’s Groundbreaking Vehicle

Revolutionizing Accessible Adventure Through Mobility

Life, like a winding trail, presents us with diverse challenges and delights. But there are certain pleasures, like the whisper of a forest trail or the victorious triumph over a steep hill, that should be accessible to all, regardless of mobility limitations. Tommy Ausherman, like a trailblazer on the frontier of inclusion, has set out to ensure these moments aren't reserved for a select few.

The Outrider Coyote, the latest offspring of this vision, presents a magnificent fusion of practicality, utility, and innovation. It’s not your typical ATV, nor is it an ordinary powerchair. It's something different, something special — a hybrid beast, somewhere between a feisty coyote and a noble steed, ready to conquer all kinds of terrain.

It's not about size but about capability, and the Coyote doesn't disappoint. Crafted on a bespoke aluminum monocoque chassis, its dimensions conceal a fierce spirit. From adjustable backrest to its load-carrying capacity, this machine screams independence. The freedom to explore the wilderness, to venture where standard powerchairs can't, makes the Coyote a symbol of liberation, a testament to human will and ingenuity.

Its options are equally as exciting, presenting a buffet of choices. From a powerful single-motor live-axle version to the quieter and more terrain-tolerant dual rear hub motors, the Coyote caters to a variety of needs. Imagine it: you're not just off the pavement — you're off the grid, engulfed in the wild.

The top speed, limited for safety, may give some speed demons pause. But it's a fair compromise. After all, the real joy of the wilderness isn't in tearing through it at breakneck speed. It's in the still moments, the quiet contemplation of a sun-dappled forest or the calm expanse of a hidden lake.

One of the real selling points is the Coyote's customizable power offering. The extendable range, up to 140 miles with the full kWh, is music to the ears of anyone yearning for distant horizons. The integrated USB and 12-volt sockets are small strokes of genius. They turn the Coyote from a vehicle into a mobile base camp, with power for everything from a GPS to a 12-volt camp fridge.

Riding the Coyote promises to be as intuitive as it is exciting. The hand grips, combined with a twist throttle and regenerative braking system, offer simplicity without compromising control. And for those with reduced grip strength, the three-pin controller opens the door to the wilderness.

The cost of the Coyote may seem a little daunting at first glance, but this isn't a casual purchase. It's an investment in freedom, a ticket to outdoor adventures previously out of reach. Sure, the price tag reflects the cutting-edge technology and top-notch materials in every Coyote. But it also buys more than a machine — it purchases a piece of the great outdoors, the thrill of the trail, and the chance to feel the wild wind in your face.

Tommy Ausherman's vision has given us the Coyote: a device that goes beyond providing mobility. It's a herald of equality, whispering that the call of the wild is a song for everyone. And it's a beautiful song indeed.

Every product has its upsides and downsides, and the Outrider Coyote is no exception. Let's delve into some of the main advantages and potential challenges associated with this innovative vehicle.


  1. Accessibility: The Outrider Coyote is a wonderful innovation in mobility, particularly for those with physical disabilities. It provides a new avenue to engage with nature and the outdoors, a sphere from which many have been unfortunately excluded.
  2. Capabilities: With its rugged design and powerful motors, the Coyote is built to handle rough and challenging terrains. Whether it's hills, woods, or trails, this machine is designed to conquer a variety of landscapes.
  3. Customizability: The Coyote is offered with a range of options to fit varying user needs. The selection between rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive, different suspension choices, and optional USB and 12-volt sockets make it highly adaptable to individual requirements and preferences.
  4. Range: The option to add up to four 1.5 kWh lithium-ion battery packs extends the Coyote's range significantly. This, coupled with onboard charging capabilities, makes it ideal for longer excursions.
  5. Innovative Controls: The hand grips with a twist throttle and regenerative braking system offer intuitive controls. Additionally, the three-pin controller option for individuals with reduced grip strength is a thoughtful addition.


  1. Price: The Outrider Coyote is a high-end product, and its cost could be prohibitive for some potential users. Even at its base price, it might be seen as expensive, and optional add-ons can drive the cost up significantly.
  2. Size and Weight: While the Coyote's size is compact enough to fit in the back of a midsize SUV, its weight, even at the minimum of 150 pounds, might make it challenging for some individuals to transport without assistance.
  3. Speed Limitations: The Coyote's speed is limited for safety reasons. For some, the maximum speed of 22 mph (or potentially 28 mph, according to some reports) may not meet their expectations for an off-road vehicle.
  4. Phase-out of Base Model: The phase-out of the single-motor, live-axle rear-drive model may limit options for those who require this specific design for higher load capacity.
  5. Non-removable Battery Packs: The battery packs cannot be removed for indoor charging, which could be inconvenient in some situations.

Overall, while the Outrider Coyote offers remarkable innovation in accessible outdoor mobility, prospective buyers should carefully consider its potential drawbacks in relation to their specific needs and circumstances.

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