Polaris RZR Pro R Factory tuned for wide open desert racing

World's first purpose-built race-ready UTV

Ah, the romance of the open desert. The dust. The heat. The merciless expanse that tests every ounce of endurance and strength, not just in us, but in the vehicles that dare to traverse it. Welcome to the exhilarating, brutal world of desert racing. Now imagine having a machine purpose-built for this dance with Mother Nature's rough side. The Polaris RZR Pro R Factory – it's like having a symphony orchestra on four wheels, ready to play the sweetest melody on the sand.

The days of yore had their automotive titans produce factory-engineered, race-ready beasts, and Polaris is reviving that spirit, ushering in a bold era for the UTV racing class. You've got the Polaris Factory Racing team set to debut with four Pro R Factory vehicles at the San Felipe 250, venturing thereafter into the SCORE International series and the Best in the Desert’s Vegas to Reno race. The world of off-road racing is about to feel a seismic shift.

This machine is a testament to what can be achieved when passion and engineering come together, like a perfect marriage. Not only does it offer race-tuned power, but it's also resilient enough to laugh in the face of the harsh, unforgiving desert terrain. It's a machine that has elevated the Pro R platform to a whole new level.

At the heart of this beast is the ProStar Fury 2.0L – arguably the most potent engine you can find in a consumer side-by-side. Tuned for the grueling desert racing conditions, it is paired with large rear-mounted radiators and ultimate synthetic engine oil that push the performance envelope. Add to this a racing-calibrated driveline and high-strength, lightweight materials, and you've got a power-to-weight ratio that would make even the most hardened racing veteran sit up and take notice.

This vehicle is as rugged as the landscape it's designed to conquer. It's compliant with FIA T4 Class, SCORE, Best in the Desert, and Rally Raid race series – a testament to its robustness. It's dressed in 35” BFGoodrich® Tires, sitting pretty on Method Race Wheels®, equipped with Bead Grip® technology. The full skid plate, front and rear Baja bumper, and cage offer an added layer of protection, while mounts for spare tires, jack, and tool kits prepare the driver for any eventuality.

The control this beast affords is just astonishing. Its FOX 3.0 Live Valve X2 Internal Bypass shocks and race-tuned DYNAMIX DV system handle the rough patches with ease, while its improved racing ergonomics keep drivers comfortable, even in the longest races. It also has a seven-inch RIDE COMMAND and GPS, enabling factory drivers and their co-pilots to keep a firm handle on the terrain, and PCI radio communication systems for keeping in touch with their pit crew.

This isn't just a machine; it's a testament to what we can achieve when we dare to push the boundaries. The RZR Pro R Factory is the embodiment of Polaris’ spirit, a vehicle that encapsulates its commitment to innovation and thrill. And who better to take this beast by the reins than Polaris RZR’s factory drivers Austin Weiland, Brock Heger, and Cayden MacCachren? With their extensive off-road racing experience, the desert sands are about to witness a spectacle like never before.

The Polaris RZR Pro R Factory, it's a magnificent piece of machinery, a tribute to the spirit of desert racing, a testament to the power of engineering, and, above all, a promise of exhilarating, heart-pounding adventure. Buckle up, everyone; we're about to take a wild ride


  1. Purpose-Built: The Polaris RZR Pro R Factory is purpose-built for open desert racing, meaning every component is designed with this specific challenge in mind.
  2. Powerful Engine: The ProStar Fury 2.0L engine is the industry's most powerful in a consumer side-by-side, boasting 225 horsepower. This gives it a considerable advantage in terms of speed and acceleration.
  3. Race-Tuned Power: This vehicle features a racing-calibrated driveline and race-tuned transmission, ensuring maximum power is delivered to the ground, which is crucial in desert racing.
  4. Durability: The vehicle is built with a high-strength, lightweight chassis that complies with multiple race series, demonstrating its resilience. Protective elements like the full skid plate, front and rear Baja bumper, and cage offer additional protection to critical components.
  5. Advanced Control Systems: It is equipped with FOX 3.0 Live Valve X2 Internal Bypass shocks and a race-tuned DYNAMIX DV system, providing excellent control and handling.


  1. Price: Though the exact price is not mentioned, it's safe to assume that the Polaris RZR Pro R Factory, with its high-end specifications and race-ready build, would be expensive. This could be a major deterrent for hobbyists or casual racers.
  2. Limited Use: Given that it's specifically designed for open desert racing, it might not perform as well in other terrains or conditions.
  3. Maintenance Costs: High-performance vehicles like the RZR Pro R Factory often require specialized maintenance and care, which can add to the total cost of ownership.
  4. Availability of Parts: With such a specific, purpose-built design, replacement parts may not be as readily available or may also be expensive.
  5. Complexity: With the advanced systems in place, troubleshooting and repairs could be complex, requiring professional service rather than a DIY approach.

The Polaris RZR Pro R Factory is a game-changer in the realm of desert racing, and while it's equipped with many impressive features, potential buyers should also consider the cost and complexity associated with such a high-performance vehicle.

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