Hyrope smart jump rope provides personalized workouts

A smart rope with a tracker

The Hyrope is a jump rope with a tracker like the Tangram smart rope. It provides real time feedback as you jump and allows you to see your progress via their official app.The real time information includes the number of reps, pace, total time, exercise time, and calories burned.

Tangram only provides the basic count as real time information but if you can get the LED version, you can have that count displayed in mid-air. 

While Hyrope doesn't have that fancy feature, it does have something else that Tangram does not – using AI technology, it provides you with personalized workouts based on your performance. 

You can also choose from their workout library if you want. The workout programs available seems quite extensive, which include programs for improving your jump skills; enhancing your skills for football, basketball, and soccer; getting fit in 60 days and  more. 

It's free?

To put it into context, Tangram's smart rope starts at $39 and the top-of-the-line LED version is $79.95.

Hyrope on the other hand is free. But it's not quite free and might end up costing you more in the long run. 

While the jump rope is free, the subscription required to get it is not. Membership cost $49 for a 1 year membership or $5.90 if you want to pay monthly.  Monthly payments require a 12 month commitment.


  • The jump rope is free
  • Real time feedback
  • Feedback more than just basic count
  • Tracks your progress


  • Reliability unknown
  • Subscription based


Personalized workouts can help your reach your goals faster and keep you motivated. For some that may be worth paying $49 a year. Plus you get a free jump rope that tracks your workouts. Even if you don't have $49 to spare, you can opt for paying $5.90 per month for at least a year. But if you only want a smart rope without the personalized workouts and new programs every month, the Tangram might be a better option. 

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