Cake Makka Electric Moped is a modular utility vehicle

What is a utility bike?

A utility bike is designed for practical use as opposed to those primarily for recreation or competition. 

With CAKE's latest electric moped model, Makka, you can attach any motorcycle accessory to the carrier and with the universal bicycle adapter you can also attach any accessory from the bicycle world. 

The Makka is highly customizable. It can be kitted out with a box for secure delivery, a bicycle bag for your office supplies, a passenger seat and even a child seat. You can even carry a surfboard with the right attachment.

It's one of the most useful ebike you can find on the market right now. 

It's CAKE's most agile and compact bike to date

The Makka is not CAKE's first electric moped that can accept a wide range of utility accessories.

Before this there's the Ösa, which features a unibar that you can use a clamp-on system to attach baskets, bags, and the likes. The Makka does not use the same clamp-on system but it is compatible with existing accessories made for motorcycles and bicycles. 

Not only is the Makka more versatile, it's also cheaper and more compact. It's size also makes it more agile and to me it also looks better.

The Makka comes in two models: Makka range and Makka flex. 

The Makka range has a top speed of 25 km/h and the Makka flex has a top speed of 45 km/h. In comparison, the Ösa has a top speed of 90+ km/h  for the plus version and 45 km/h for the lite version.

The Ösa also beats the Makaa when it comes to range. Ösa+ has a range of 84 km and Ösa lite has a range of 92 km. Makka range has a maximum range of 60 km and the Makka flex 50 km. 

Other than the 10 km range advantage, one reason why you'd want to go for the Makka range rather than the Makka flex is that you can ride without a license on bicycle lanes. 

Obviously if you want more power, the Makka flex is the way to go. 


  • Can attach motocycle and bicycle accessories
  • Compact
  • Agile
  • Versatile


  • Less range than Ösa
  • More expensive than gas-powered mopeds


Even though the Makka is a lot cheaper than Ösa, at $3,500 for the Makka range and $3,800 for the Makka flex, it's still expensive considering you can get a 50cc gas-powered moped for a lot less. However, the price is about right for an electric moped. An electric moped has the advantage of being quieter and emission-free. 

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