Crossrope AMP™ Jump Rope Set: Revolutionize Your Fitness with Personalized Workouts

Revolutionary, Personalized, Connected, Versatile, High-Tech

Picture this: the sun has risen, painting the sky with shades of peach and lavender. You're standing on a quiet beach, the waves providing a rhythmic backdrop to the day's opening salvo. You grip something in your hands, a tool, a device. It's more than a simple rope – it's a promise of personal transformation, an elixir to the static comfort of routine. This, my friend, is the Crossrope AMP™ Jump Rope Set.

With its Bluetooth® connectivity, this isn't your childhood jump rope. This is an intelligent leap into the future of fitness, offering you a personalized, full-body workout, wherever you are, whenever you want. The AMP handles don't just assist you in controlling the swing of the ropes; they track your jumps, counting and recording, guiding you on a fitness journey tailored to you.

For the modest price of $199, you get more than a piece of fitness equipment. You receive a key to unlock over 2000 personalized workouts, each one designed to make your sweat sessions more engaging and challenging. And for those of you itching to snag a bargain, don't miss out on the 15% discount with the code AMP15 valid until Aug. 1.

Want a bit of variety? AMP is nothing if not versatile. Whether you're feeling like a featherweight with a 1/4 LB rope, ready to step up with a 1/2 LB, or keen to challenge yourself with a full pound, you've got options. It's even compatible with a hefty 2LB rope and ropeless workouts if you're feeling particularly audacious.

The set's high-precision jump counting technology puts essential stats at your fingertips: average jumps per minute, maximum JPM, power output, streaks, and more. It's like having your own personal trainer, keeping you honest and pushing you forward.

Membership to the Crossrope AMP experience gives you a further edge, with unique workout modes that fit your schedule and fitness goals. Free Jump and Benchmark modes offer a new angle to your routine, with real-time stats to keep you honest and motivated. It's a small addition to the upfront cost – $79 for the first year or a manageable $9.99 per month – but worth every cent.

The idea of committing to a new piece of kit might feel intimidating, but Crossrope's got your back with a 60-day worry-free return policy. Don't love it? Send it back, no questions asked, no return shipping costs.

The Crossrope AMP™ Jump Rope Set is more than a gadget, it's a revolution in your pocket. It's about harnessing the power of technology to make workouts more interactive, fun, and personalized than ever before. This isn't just jumping rope; it's jumping into a new era of fitness. Now, go out and embrace the rhythm of the jump.


  1. Personalized Workout Experience: With over 2000 personalized workouts designed by Crossrope trainers, the AMP Jump Rope Set tailors your workout to your fitness level and goals.
  2. Real-time Feedback and Stats: Its high-precision jump counting technology provides real-time jumping feedback. You'll get to see your average jumps per minute (JPM), max JPM, power output, streaks, and more, all in real-time.
  3. Bluetooth Connectivity: The AMP handles are Bluetooth enabled, connecting to your device to track and guide your workout.
  4. Versatility: The set is compatible with 1/4, 1/2, 1, and 2 LB ropes, offering a range of options for different workout intensities.
  5. Membership Benefits: As an AMP member, you gain access to unique workout modes, real-time feedback, and extensive data tracking to improve your performance.
  6. Satisfaction Guarantee: Crossrope offers a 60-day, worry-free return policy. If you don't love your ropes, you can send them back with free return shipping and receive a full refund.


  1. Price: The regular price for the Crossrope AMP Jump Rope Set is $199, which is significantly higher than many traditional jump ropes. The membership also requires a yearly or monthly fee, adding to the overall cost.
  2. Dependency on Technology: The jump rope's advantages depend heavily on Bluetooth connectivity and digital devices. If you face issues with your device or the app, it could hamper your workout experience.
  3. Limited to Jumping Workouts: While versatile in its intensity levels, the Crossrope AMP is still fundamentally a jumping workout device. It may not fully replace a diverse workout routine incorporating various forms of exercise.
  4. Requires Learning Curve: For those not accustomed to high-tech fitness equipment, the multiple features and modes of the Crossrope AMP might take some time to fully understand and utilize.


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