Xiaomi MIJIA Smart Skipping Rope can be corded or corldless

Jump to the Next Level with Multi-Point Monitoring

Xiaomi has recently launched its first-ever smart skipping rope, the MIJIA, through Xiaomi Mall in China. This innovative device offers users the flexibility of cordless and corded modes, providing an indoor air ball option and a 3-meter adjustable sports rope for outdoor use.

With three sets of built-in sensors, the MIJIA smart skipping rope accurately collects exercise data and provides 360-degree multi-point monitoring, coupled with a precision counting algorithm. This algorithm tracks movement state, filters invalid jumps, and avoids misjudgment of missed records, ensuring accurate results every time. To give a more comprehensive view of exercise over time, the algorithm also generates monthly and annual sports analysis reports.

The Xiaomi Sports Health App enhances the utility of the smart skipping rope by providing guidance, explanations, and resources for both professionals and amateurs. The app offers video courses, real-time voice interactions, and allows experts to customize exercise modes and intensity to achieve specific goals.

The MIJIA smart skipping rope is equipped with a hidden dot matrix digital display, USB-C charging, and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity for a faster and more stable connection to the smartphone app.

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