Halytus HooKee uses water to offer up to 100lbs resistance

Resistance towards and away

The Halytus Hookee provides resistance in both the push and pull. This is not like a spring loaded device where the resistance is only one way. It is not what do get from normal exercises. For example on bicep curls you work the biceps and not the triceps. But if you do bicep curls with the Hookee you can work your biceps on the way up and work your triceps on the way down. It seems like a convenient and efficient way to work out. It may not be replacement to traditional workouts, but it can be a good alternative for variety at least.

Resistance can be set up to 100lbs with 10lb intervals. While most fitness devices use gravity or electric motors to generate resistance, Hookee generates resistance using water pressure. Unlike spring loaded devices, it keeps its position when you stop exerting force. This can prevent injury especially on higher resistances.


  • Versatile
  • Resistance both ways
  • Adjustable resistance up to 100lbs


  • It's a Kickstarter project
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