CLMBR Connected 02 vertical climbing trainer

Climb your way to fitness

Climbing is one of the best ways to develop cardio and strength with little to no impact. No impact unless of course when you fall. But with the CLMBR Connect 02 climbing trainer there won't be any falling involved. The CLMBR features a robust frame, a single knob to control resistance, and a 22″ HD touchscreen. There are also dip bar handles and handles under the base of the screen for a variety of angles when using the machine. The CLMBR can also pair with Alexa-enabled devices, heart rate monitors, and your smartphone using bluetooth. It also has wheels for easy transportation.

If you can only have one equipment to give you the best low impact, high intensity, full-body workout the CLMBR 02 is a great choice.


  • No center pole to get in the way like in some climbing trainers
  • Low impact
  • Smaller footprint than a treadmill


  • Small range of resistance
  • Expensive
  • User interface needs work
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