Go Anywhere and Play Ball with Swish Portable Basketball Hoop

Swish Portable Basketball Hoop worn as a backpack at the beach

If you want to be good at basketball, you need to play the game any chance you get. If you want to play the game, you need a ball and basketball hoop.

With the Swish Portable Basketball hoop, you can get more play time just about anywhere you go. Whether on the streets, the beach, or a friend’s barbecue party, you’ll have what you need to get a game going.

To set up the Swish Portable Basketball Hoop, all you need is somewhere to mount it. Something like a light pole or a medium sized tree would do. If there’s a chain-link fence high enough, that works too.

Installing the Swish Portable Basketball Hoop

What’s included?

The Swish Portable Basketball Hoop comes with a regulation sized rim (18 inches) and ball with pump.

It also comes with a polycarbonate backboard that can handle abuse and a nylon basketball net for that satisfying swish sound. 

No assembly is required and you can wear the Swish like a backpack. If you do wear it like a backpack, you might even get some people to join you before you reach your destination. It weighs 3.75 pounds.

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