LED Light Up Basketball – Play it in the Dark

Battery-powered LED inside

One thing you can do when the lights are out is play basketball. But only if you a ball like GlowCity's LED Light Up Basketball. According to Glowcity they look, feel, and play just like the real thing. There is no switch. To turn it on all you to do it make it bounce and they'll glow for about 40 seconds without further bouncing. In the video it almost seems like the ball is bouncing by itself. Also available are soccer balls, football balls, volleyball balls, and the mini version of the basketball ball.


  • Cheap
  • Visible in the dark
  • Durable


  • Unknown


These glow in the dark but they don't use glow in the dark materials that need to be charged with light. Instead the Glowcity basketball is battery operated.

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