Outdoorsman Atlas Trainer – Train with weight plates on your back

hiking with the Atlas Trainer Frame System

Make every workout harder and potentially improve your gains by carrying a heavy load on your body while you work out. 

You can use backpack filled with heavy stuff like sand or rocks or you can use something better like the Outdoorsman Atlas Trainer Frame System.

Instead of loading a backpack with stuff, the Outdoorsman Atlas Trainer Frame System allows you to carry weight plates close to your body for better weight distribution.

Outdoorsman Atlas Trainer Frame System

The Atlas Trainer System allows you to carry Olympic sized weight plates on your back. It takes about 2 seconds to slide the plate on the barbell and lock it. 

The weight you carry with the Atlas Trainer System is secure and stays close to your body. It’s comfortable even if you added more weight.

You can use the Atlas Trainier to simulate a loadout during a hike or a hunt so you can prepare your body for the stress. One athlete used the Atlas Trainer to train for Spartan Races including the Ultra Beast, Hurricane Heat, and the Death Race.

When not training, you can remove the Atlas Trainer from the frame system and attach an Outdoorsman bag to use it as an external frame backpack.

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Rucking is marching or walking with a loaded backpack. It’s a common activity done in a modern military.

The term rucking is derived from ruck sacks, which is another name for backpack.

Benefits of Rucking

  • Walking with a loaded pack burns 3 times more calories than walking without extra load
  • It can relieve and prevent back pain by holding your torso up so your back muscles don’t have to work as hard
  • It builds your stamina like jogging does but with lesser risk of injury
  • It builds you a solid foundation of fitness and makes you better in the gym
  • It gets you out of the gym so you get the benefits of being with nature

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