Starbury Basketball – Glows like Magic

No Batteries Required

The glow from the Starbury basketball is awesome. It looks like it's covered in little lights but in reality there are no lights at all. In fact, the ball itself does not glow.

Instead, the Starbury basketball is covered with photo-iridescent material i.e. it reflects luminous colors that seem to change when seem from different angles. 

Created by Starbury, a company owned by former NBA and CBA star Stephen Marbury, the photo-iridescent basketballs are the most eye-catching ones we've ever seen.

There are three versions fo the Starbury basketball: 

  • Starbury Globe
  • Starbury King Dal
  • Starbury Smile Boy

Each version has a different glow pattern. To activate the “glow” all you have to do is shine a light on it. You can use the flash on your phone while you take a video or let the sun shine on it outdoors.

However, the effect is more pronounced when lit in a relatively dark place.

Starbury Globe Basketball

Starbury King Dal Basketball

Starbury Smileboy Basketball


  • Beautiful and unique design
  • High visibility
  • Looks good on video


  • Expensive
  • Needs light source to glow


The Starbury basketball shines by reflecting light but it looks like it's glowing. The ball DOES NOT glow or light up on its own. The glow appears only in your photos and videos when you use the flash on your camera, phone or video recording equipment

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