ForeverPen Inkless Pen – A pen that lasts forever?

Solid Ink

The ForeverPen uses silver composite to leave a mark on a writing surface. The use of silver for writing actually predates graphite pencils.

Referred to as silverpoint nibs, writings and drawings from inkless pens don't smudge or fade and many have even survived almost unchanged for hundreds on years.

Tody, the use of inkless pens is not common. People prefer to use pens or pencils for writing or drawing in general. When it comes to writing performance, modern writing instruments are superior to the silver-tipped inkless pen.

Writing with an inkless pen feels like writing with a very dull pencil and inconsistent as the artist/Youtuber Peter Draws describes it. We can't say for sure it's the same with ForeverPen but it's quite likely is.

However, one advantage of an inkless pen like the ForeverPen is that they lasts longer than pens or pencils. They're also resistant to the elements and can even be used underwater. Also, they don't leave marks or smudges on your fingers.

Makes a good EDC

An inkless pen like the ForeverPen may not be better than a pen or pencil when it comes to writing performance but because it's small, tough, and lasts long it's a great option for EDC (Everyday carry) – as an emergency writing tool that you can have with you all the time and be sure that it'll work when you need it.

You don't have to worry about the ForeverPen running out of ink like a pen or breaking like a pencil.

The ForeverPen is small and functional. The writing tip of the pen is connected to either titanium, copper, or brass (your choice) with a hole so you can attach it to your keychain or even the zipper on your jacket if you want.

Because the ForeverPen is so tough, you can use it to tear through boxes or pry open lids. Unlike a pen you can be sure it'll work every time you need to write. The makers of the pen claim that it lasts longer than 500 pens.

It may not be a great writing tool but as an emergency writing tool that can also open boxes, it's better than nothing.

Other options

With a recommend retail price of £29, the forever pen is expensive compared to others of its kind on the market. You can get one on Aliexpress for about $3. 

However, none of these options are made for EDC. Not at the time of writing anyway. It wouldn't be a surprise if in the future there will be similar designs to the ForeverPen on Aliexpress especially if it becomes popular. 

For now, you can get the ForeverPen on their Kickstarter page, which is fully funded with still many days to go.  But you'd have to wait at least until August 2021 to get your hands on it as that's what's stated as their estimated delivery (if things go well).

If you can't wait that long to try how it feel like to write with a solid ink pen, there's the Aliexpress option. 

A selection of inkless pens


  • Resistant to the elements
  • Compact
  • Can be attached to keychain or zipper
  • Last longer than pens and pencil
  • Durable


  • Expensive
  • Doesn't write as well as pens or pencils
  • Feels like writing with very dull pencil

How the ForeverPen works


The use of a silver composite on a writing instrument is nothing new. But instead of attaching the tip to a long stem like other inkless pens, the ForeverPen is attached to a short stem with a hole so you attach it to your keychain or zipper. It's compact and useful making it a great choice as an everyday carry.

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