Kootenay Carabiner looks like mountains and has a back clip and dual zones

Convenient and secure

Sometimes when using a carabiner, the things you have on it can fall off as you hook or unhook it. The Kootenay is a versatile carabiner with a unique dual zone design and overlapping partition lever make it quick and easy to slide in key rings while making sure it doesn't accidentally fall out. An extra clip at the back allows it to be clipped to things that don't have a loop like your pockets or shirt. It can be securely clipped with a single hand.

Made of titanium, it is resistant to corrosion and stronger than steel or aluminum. It is also very lightweight at only 30 grams. The unique shape of the Kootenay carabiner is inspired by the mountains of Kootenay National Park in Canada. While the Kootenay carabiner is strong, it is not certified for climbing.

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