Buff CoolNet UV® Neckwear: Your Ultimate Sun-Protection Companion

Sustainable, versatile, protective, artistic, comfortable

The world never ceases to amaze me. It's a place where creativity and ingenuity meet. This CoolNet UV® Neckwear is a perfect example. Crafted with a staggering 95% recycled material, it's a testament to our collective potential to innovate while caring for the planet.

It's light, comfortable, and tailor-made for those who dare to venture under the scorching sun. UPF 50 protection? Check. Ultimate sweat management? Absolutely. And the way it seamlessly morphs to fit your style, whether you're bracing the desert winds or just tying your hair back, is a testament to its versatility.

And speaking of versatility, this neckwear is engineered with the REPREVE® performance microfiber. Throw in some HeiQ cooling technology and Polygiene® odor control, and you've got a resilient companion for any journey. The 4-Way, seamless, ULTRA STRETCH fabric construction is just the icing on the cake.

The magic, though, lies in the unique design by Andrea Larko. An artist with a knack for combining the tranquility of fly fishing with her passion for art. She's out there somewhere in Pennsylvania, scouting for trout and creating beautiful pieces in her studio. Her love for the wild bleeds into her work, and that's what makes this piece truly stand out.

Apart from its stunning look, the practicality of the CoolNet® fabric is commendable. It's not just about the UV UPF 50 protection or its ultralight weight; it's about the comfort that comes with a seamless design. No skin irritation, just smooth contact.

What's more, this neckwear urges you to contribute to a better world. It's a statement, a commitment to the environment, made using recycled materials. It's a nudge, reminding us to Do more Now.

In a world where fashion often meets function, this piece stands out. It's not just an accessory, but a versatile companion that adapts to your needs, your style. There's a wide range of ways to wear it, and each style comes with the promise of comfort and protection.

To sum it up, this CoolNet UV® Neckwear is more than just a piece of cloth. It's an embodiment of the adventure spirit, a tribute to nature, and a step towards a more sustainable world. It's not just about looking good; it's about feeling good too. It's a reflection of who we are and what we stand for. And to me, that's the essence of true style.


  1. Sustainability: Made with 95% recycled material, it's a product that respects the environment.
  2. Versatility: Can be worn 12 different ways, catering to your varying needs and styles.
  3. Quality Material: Engineered with REPREVE® performance microfiber, HeiQ cooling technology, and Polygiene® odor control for durability and performance.
  4. Sun Protection: UPF 50 sun protection is a great feature for outdoor enthusiasts, providing a shield against harmful UV radiation.
  5. Comfort: Designed seamlessly, it ensures maximum comfort and prevents skin irritation. The cooling effect is also a bonus during hot days.
  6. Artistic Design: Andrea Larko's unique design adds a touch of individuality and creativity, making it more than just a functional piece.
  7. Affordability: At $24, this multifunctional neckwear seems reasonably priced considering its features and the value it offers.


  1. Not for Everyone: The design, while unique and artistic, may not appeal to everyone's taste.
  2. Limited Insulation: While it's great for sun protection, it may not provide sufficient warmth in colder weather due to its lightness and cooling properties.
  3. Maintenance: As it's made from specialized materials, it might require specific cleaning methods to maintain its cooling and odor control properties. It could be a bit more demanding to care for compared to simpler fabrics.
  4. Size: As it's a one-size-fits-all product, it may not fit perfectly for everyone. Those with a particularly small or large neck size might find it less comfortable.

While it does have a few potential downsides, the pros seem to outweigh the cons, especially if you're into outdoor activities and appreciate unique, eco-friendly products. As always, personal preferences and needs play a significant role in determining whether this product is a good fit for you.

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